Amargan Hair Therapy

Amargan Hair therapy is a completely new and advanced styling range, giving you sleek styled hair and providing protection against heat damage and the environment.  The product is light as feather and avoids after effects of most products, leaving you with silky soft party locks. Having recently bleached my hair, it's important that I regularly condition those hair cuticles and try to absorb as much moisture as I can before I visit the hairdresser again.

The Amargan Hair Therapy Range includes:

Amargan Hair Therapy Oil
Amargan Advanced Styler
Amargan Shine and Protect Spray
Amargan Nourishing Cleanser
Amargan Purifying Cleanser

Argan oil started being used in beauty therapy in Ancient Morocco, where women collected the oil from Argan Tree and used this for their nails and hair to protect against climate and ageing. I decided that if the oil was good enough for the Moroccan ancestors, these products would definitely be worth a go and since my initial trial began, I haven't looked back. The Amargan products possess a very earthy, naturally sweet, distinct scent. When sprayed onto the hair, the oils soak into the cuticles and the scent lasts for hours. 

Each product is easy to use and my favourite by far has to be the Amargan Shine and Protect Spray. If there was one hair care product that I had to take everywhere with me, this would be it. I've noticed a huge difference in the softness and shine since using the Amargan oils. Each product is light as a feather and you barely even notice that it's there, apart from the overall impact it has on your hair. 

Purchases and Product enquiries can be made here:

Here's how healthy my hair has been looking lately, what do you think?

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Outfit of the Week

I've had a serious addiction to Ebay lately and here's my latest purchase - this beautiful cobalt blue Zara dress. This dress fits like a dream; floaty, feminine and figure flattering for anything size. The shoes were bought a few months ago from a local store called CatWalk and I'm obsessed with them.

What do you think of my outfit?

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Derma Eraze Miracle Oil

Derma Eraze Miracle Oil

Having suffered from Eczema and dry skin for most of my childhood, I've always looked out for the latest skin care products to hide problems areas and help improve my skin. When I came across the miracle oil by Derma Eraze, I knew I had to try it.

The Miracle oil is a blend of natural ingredients, made to stimulate, moisturise and heal skin. When I first poured the product into my hands, I was shocked to see how light the oil felt. Sometimes skin care products can be quite heavy and rather than moisturising, they have the ability to clog up your pores and make your skin worse. This product absorbed easily into my skin, leaving no excess oil and a lovely, soft texture. The oil can be purchased for £20 from and with you only needing a tiny amount on each application, you will definitely get your moneys worth.

Have you tried the Miracle Oil?

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10 Pan Blusher Palette

When thinking about what products are the ultimate beauty essentials, many people neglect the blusher. Mascara reins usually highest followed by foundation and lipstick, but if I was to discuss what product I couldn't live without, blusher would definitely be near the top. Whether you prefer a peachy glow or a subtle pink highlight, blusher is the perfect makeup tool for creating the illusion of healthy, glowing skin. On a personal note, blusher reminds me of Disney princesses such as Snow White and her rosy cheeks.  When I saw this palette being reviewed on another blog, I knew I had to review it. A mixture of 10 different colours for the price £4.20 isn't a price to be argued with.  

The palette was purchased from an Ebay store. Many Ebay retailers are selling these palettes known as the 'pro 10 colors blusher makeup blush powder palette' at a reasonable price. Admittedly, if there was one annoyance that came with this item, it would be the 14-21 shipping rate from China, but at this price, I really couldn't complain.

 When opening the palette, I was shocked to see all the colours so highly pigmented. I instantly felt like a child in a sweetshop wanting to test every colour. Each pan has a 3cm diameter with means you get plenty of product for your money and if you feel like having a play, you wont feel so guilty.

My favourite colour has to be this beautiful barbie pink. As soon as you open the palette, it's the colour that's first to grab your attention and i think it's a colour that I will be using quite frequently. The products all blend so easily and it's really easy to mix and match colours.

If you love blusher as much as I do, I'd really recommend looking into this palette.

Also, if you're on a diet or fancy a new fitness regime, stay tuned for my fitness/diet bootcamp coming next week!

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The Engagement Party

As many of you know, on Friday 13 April 2012 (unlucky for some) my gorgeous partner, James proposed to me whilst on a romantic weekend break in London celebrating my 21st birthday. We had been together only seven months, but those seven months could not have been any more dramatic. After two hospital admissions, one wedding, one funeral, a 50th birthday, a 21st birthday, Christmas, New Year and Valentines day, along with knowing him for six years as a very close friend, it was clear our relationship was destined to be. It was our friends and family that suggested we had an engagement party to break the news and get everyone together for a huge celebration. Me and James sat down pondering the idea and eventually agreed. We wrote down a list of 70 of our closest friends and family, then proceeded to book a local venue called 'the Rock Cafe' for June. Longing for a future dreamboats and petticoats style wedding, I couldn't wait to get a big fancy swing dress for the party, talk about weddings and dance the night away.

Here I am, gazing into the eyes of the man I love. The night went all to plan and I couldn't have wished for a better evening. My friends arrived, dressed to impress, I saw many my family for the first time in several years and we had congratulations all round.

Having danced all night in six inch stilettos, I can't explain how much my feet throbbed the morning afterwards, but it was definitely worth it.

Most of the men suited up in their finest, drank whiskey and stayed together throughout the night like Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack.

By the end of the night all my friends danced and the DJ played an eclectic mix of The Beatles and B*Witched - not very 1950s I know, but it made the night entertaining.

As expected, it wasn't too long until my Dad took to the microphone and said a little speech. He kindly introduced James to the family and let everyone know how happy he was for us. It was such a lovely gesture.

Its times like this you begin to realise the import people in your life and fast time can go. Above is a photograph of my cousins of whom I haven't seen in around four years. They now look so grown up and dressed impeccably for the party. My wish to them is that one day in the future, they too find a partner as amazing as mine and realise the meaning how amazing true love can be.

Have you done anything exciting lately?

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YSL, MUA and Jubilee Spirit.

The Jubilee may be over, but there's no need for you ditch the red, white and blue colour scheme. There's lots of amazing Jubilee style colours still on the high street and with block colours being a summer essential, there's no reason why you can't carry on the blue, red and white trend. During the weekend, I managed to do a little shopping and couldn't resist buying these two beauties.

This is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture in shade 1. On Saturday, me and my fiance will be hosting our vintage inspired engagement party and the saleswoman at House of Fraser managed to convince me that this lipstick is a timeless classic, adding a vintage scarlet appeal to any outfit. At £23, YSL is a premium brand lipstick, but does it live up to expectations?

Firstly I love the detailing on the shiny gold packaging. Shiny gold evokes a sense of luxury and with the embedded YSL logo, the packaging looks classy and timeless. The lipstick itself also has the logo engraved. You can really admire craftsmanship gone into the detailing of the lipstick.

The YSL lipstick glides on like a dream. Coupled with the YSL Touche Eclat, this lipstick is an essential for the perfect pout. Simply highlight around your lips and then cover with this beautiful siren red. The product has SPF 15 and really helps moisturise my lips. As for the colour, it managed to last almost 24 hours without re-application, making this perfect for those summer celebrations and BBQ's. 

Sticking to the Red, White and Blue colour scheme, I managed to pick up this new MUA eyeshadow for £1 at Superdrug. Many bloggers have raved about MUA products and I'm definitely joining the cult. MUA offers such fantastic cosmetics at a bargain price, making them affordable to everyone. This baby blue colour known as 'PEARL' is a perfect shade for summer beach frolicking. The powder applies incredibly easy, but as with most eyeshadows, it is always best to use a primer if you want the colour to show its true potential. 

So here is my Jubilee inspired makeup, ready to hit the town and celebrate all things British.

How did you celebrate the Jubilee?

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Grab a Deal with Groupon

For those who cannot resist a bargain, for those who would like to be pampered like a Queen this bank holiday weekend, Groupon is the place to be. Groupon was launched in 2009 and features a variety of fabulous things to do daily in each city. These offers can vary from meals out with your friends, pamper packages, great days out or greatly discounted holidays abroad. 

Groupon's philosophy is that 'they treat their customers exactly how they would like to be treated'. 

To put their philosophy to the test, me and my beautiful friend Abi bought a pamper package off their website: The package included: An express facial, spray tan, plus Gelac nails for two people at The Cutting Room, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. In total this came to £29, with a saving of 72%! This deal seemed far too good to be true.

Me and my friend Abi are newly engaged and needed an opportunity to escape our partners and indulge in some girlie activities: first stop the local Weatherspoon. Having time to spare, we grab a quick beverage and discussed the daunting task of getting out our 'wobbly bits' in the tanning booth. Both of us were spray tan virgins and didn't really know what to expect. Returning home would we be orange? How much of our bodies would be exposed? Is this a brief or thong scenario? Discussing the episodes of the Only Way is Essex and our close relatives situations, we both decided wearing a thong and braving exposing our 'humps' as Fergie from the Black Eyed Pea's would say, seemed be the best way forward. 

Arriving at the salon (an hour late, unfortunately due to a muddle up), we was surprised how glamorous it seemed for the price. The salon had beautiful leopard print  wallpaper, soft leather sofas in the reception and the floor gleamed with cleanliness. Explaining our situation, the staff remained polite and friendly, giving us the laid back treatment we desired. 

Within five minutes of arriving, me and Abi went our separate ways for our facials. The beautician told me to lay on the bed and close my eyes whilst she exfoliated and mositurised my face ready for the tanning. With sounds of the ocean playing in the background and the soothing hands performing effleurage movements, I doubt it would possible for me to feel more relaxed.

I was then taken upstairs for the spray tan, where I was greeted by the lovely salon owner. She kindly asked me to get undressed and stand in the black booth. She remained friendly throughout the process, talking to me about my life and helping me forget that I was naked in front of a complete stranger.  The most peculiar experience I take back from having my first spray tan was the fact that to get an even coverage on my skin, it was like having to perform basic yoga techniques. Standing with my legs apart and leaning on the tanning booth edge felt a little bit intimidating, but once you get used to the situation, you will be laughing in no-time. As for the tan, it literally felt like I was being splashed with sea breeze on holiday - incredibly light texture and no-where near as sticky as I expected. Having finished the whole process, I was then asked to put on my clothes and venture downstairs for my final treatment.

Finally it was time for me and Abi to get our Gelac nails for my engagement party next week. I decided to go with a vibrant red and Abi decided to go jet black. Gelac is a light weight nail polish that can last up to 2 weeks and adds a gorgeous shine to your nails.  The process took around 15minutes each, starting with a base coat, then double layers of the colour and finishing with a beautiful top sheen. My nails feel elegant and ready to party next week. 

When leaving the salon, I was told that my tan would take approximately 8 hours to properly develop. I left looking not much more tanned than I was when I entered, but within hours I looked beautifully bronzed with a healthy glow to my body. 

Has Groupon lived up to expectations? Yes they have. Offering amazing opportunities at such low cost, at first I was dubious, but I cannot find any fault in the service they provided. From payment to pampering, the whole process went smoothly and the salon that I visited had such a friendly atmosphere. If you're a student or anyone that loves a bargain, I would definitely see what Groupon has to offer, before parting with too money elsewhere. 

Here's my tan this morning and I'm still really impressed with the whole experience.

For more information on Groupon check out:

or if you like the look of this salon visit:

Have you tried Groupon before?

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