10 Pan Blusher Palette

When thinking about what products are the ultimate beauty essentials, many people neglect the blusher. Mascara reins usually highest followed by foundation and lipstick, but if I was to discuss what product I couldn't live without, blusher would definitely be near the top. Whether you prefer a peachy glow or a subtle pink highlight, blusher is the perfect makeup tool for creating the illusion of healthy, glowing skin. On a personal note, blusher reminds me of Disney princesses such as Snow White and her rosy cheeks.  When I saw this palette being reviewed on another blog, I knew I had to review it. A mixture of 10 different colours for the price £4.20 isn't a price to be argued with.  

The palette was purchased from an Ebay store. Many Ebay retailers are selling these palettes known as the 'pro 10 colors blusher makeup blush powder palette' at a reasonable price. Admittedly, if there was one annoyance that came with this item, it would be the 14-21 shipping rate from China, but at this price, I really couldn't complain.

 When opening the palette, I was shocked to see all the colours so highly pigmented. I instantly felt like a child in a sweetshop wanting to test every colour. Each pan has a 3cm diameter with means you get plenty of product for your money and if you feel like having a play, you wont feel so guilty.

My favourite colour has to be this beautiful barbie pink. As soon as you open the palette, it's the colour that's first to grab your attention and i think it's a colour that I will be using quite frequently. The products all blend so easily and it's really easy to mix and match colours.

If you love blusher as much as I do, I'd really recommend looking into this palette.

Also, if you're on a diet or fancy a new fitness regime, stay tuned for my fitness/diet bootcamp coming next week!



  1. Great post. Might give it a try :) xo

  2. I'll look it up, it's useful to have a few different colours!

  3. Ooh the colours look gorgeous. Def a very handy palette to have. I've bought way too many blushers lately though!


  4. These are so pretty! I've been tempted by this palette for a while now! xo

  5. I love blusher :) I agree that it gets ignored far too often - if I'm not wearing much make-up I'll still swipe on some blusher with my bit of mascara or whatever because I like having a splash of colour on my cheeks. Love your blog :) Now a follower! XX


  6. Thank you for the comment love! I doubt you could look frumpy in ANYTHING - but those knits do drape so beautifully :)

    I can't wait for the bootcamp post!! I'm a health & fitness nut :) Will be following you!



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