The Engagement Party

As many of you know, on Friday 13 April 2012 (unlucky for some) my gorgeous partner, James proposed to me whilst on a romantic weekend break in London celebrating my 21st birthday. We had been together only seven months, but those seven months could not have been any more dramatic. After two hospital admissions, one wedding, one funeral, a 50th birthday, a 21st birthday, Christmas, New Year and Valentines day, along with knowing him for six years as a very close friend, it was clear our relationship was destined to be. It was our friends and family that suggested we had an engagement party to break the news and get everyone together for a huge celebration. Me and James sat down pondering the idea and eventually agreed. We wrote down a list of 70 of our closest friends and family, then proceeded to book a local venue called 'the Rock Cafe' for June. Longing for a future dreamboats and petticoats style wedding, I couldn't wait to get a big fancy swing dress for the party, talk about weddings and dance the night away.

Here I am, gazing into the eyes of the man I love. The night went all to plan and I couldn't have wished for a better evening. My friends arrived, dressed to impress, I saw many my family for the first time in several years and we had congratulations all round.

Having danced all night in six inch stilettos, I can't explain how much my feet throbbed the morning afterwards, but it was definitely worth it.

Most of the men suited up in their finest, drank whiskey and stayed together throughout the night like Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack.

By the end of the night all my friends danced and the DJ played an eclectic mix of The Beatles and B*Witched - not very 1950s I know, but it made the night entertaining.

As expected, it wasn't too long until my Dad took to the microphone and said a little speech. He kindly introduced James to the family and let everyone know how happy he was for us. It was such a lovely gesture.

Its times like this you begin to realise the import people in your life and fast time can go. Above is a photograph of my cousins of whom I haven't seen in around four years. They now look so grown up and dressed impeccably for the party. My wish to them is that one day in the future, they too find a partner as amazing as mine and realise the meaning how amazing true love can be.

Have you done anything exciting lately?



  1. Awwwwwwww, what a lovely post!!!!
    Massive congratulations to you both. Enjoy every second of planning and waiting for your big day, I got married in March on my birthday and it really is as everyone says the happiest and best day ever.

    So excited for you!!!

    Maria xxx

  2. Many congratulations! You look stunning, love the dress x

  3. Wow congratulations, the engagement party looks like it was a lot of fun and I admire you for dancing all night in six inch stilettos! xx

  4. OMG everything looks like soo much fun and you both look stunning! Congratulations again xoxo

  5. such a cute post! congratulations!! you both look so happy together :)


  6. Oh how wonderful! Much love and warm wishes to you both.

    You're such a stylish couple. Your hair definitely deserves a special mention. Love it!

    Great engagement party theme by the way. Nice to see lots of people got into the spirit of it.


  7. Aw, congratulations! It looked like a lovely party, and your outfit/hair looked wonderful :) x

  8. Congratulations!! You must be over the moon at the moment, just soak it up and enjoy every moment! It looks like a lovely party and you both look so good together :) Your dress is gorgeous xxx

  9. Congratulations! Looks like a lovely, fun- filled night with lots of dancing. Sounds perfect! Beautiful dress as well xx

  10. Congrats lovely :) you look goooorgeous here :)

    Love your blog!

    Lisa xx

  11. Congratulations!

    You looked beautiful. You looked like someone out from 60's era :)

    The Young Bridget Jones


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