♥ 2012 Wishlist ♥

2012 is supposed to be my year of saving, not splurging and to control my spending habits, I have created a beautiful wish list. Hopefully in creating my wish list, it will point me towards the items I would actually like to buy, rather than impulse buying, but I can't make any promises on that front. I also hope to save at least £1000 of my University loan, so that in the future it can be invested into work experience or something career related. This University year so far, I've already managed to save £500, so I'm hoping I'll be a good student in 2012.

Going back to the wish list, the items I have chosen are classic pieces that I'm sure will look brilliant in my wardrobe for the next few years, providing I don't gain or lose too much weight. 

The first item I would very much like is this coat from Urban Outfitters. This is a timeless design that very much reminds me of the 1940s. I'm obsessed with old Hollywood actresses and I could really imagine seeing this coat. The fur cuffs and neck trim make this coat all snuggly and warm and provide a vintage-esque appeal. At £135, this coat isn't exactly cheap, but I'm sure it will remain in my wardrobe for years to come.

In 2011 I lost almost six stone and reinvented myself. The only bad thing about this experience is renewing my wardrobe. It is every girls dream of shopping once you have lost a lot of weight, but it can be quite pricy in the long run. Ever since I started my weight loss, I told myself I would treat myself to some lovely expensive underwear once I had lost the weight and I've always wanted to try the 'Agent Provocateur' brand. I can now say that I have purchased some underwear in the sales and it's making it's way to me as I speak and I'll be doing a review once it arrives.

I have to say that as of late, New Look have really upped their game in the shoe department and not only do they create beautiful shoes, they are really comfy too! I would love to buy these shoes from New Look as they so elegant and have a beautiful Christian Louboutin style. These babies are £59.99, but on the plus side, I can get student discount...

White is such a classic colour and admittedly, I barely own anything that is cream or white, so this dress would be perfect. Every dream dreams of having a Marilyn Monroe moment and this dress could be the one for me. I have many dresses in this style, so I know that it will suit me. This dress is from River Island and it's £35.

I know these days it seems that every girl and her dog has a Louis Vuitton handbag, but the design is classic, the handbags are beautifully made and to be honest, it is something I could see me using on a regular basis. This April will be my 21st birthday, so I'm hoping to treat myself to this beautiful bag with my birthday money and savings. 

I'm currently on a make-up ban after realising my collection is taking over my bedroom. I still have many items left to blog about and i'll probably do a collection post very soon.

What's in your 2012 wish list? 




  1. A very lovely wish list you got yourself here, and I hope you'll get all you want soon. :) What I like the most from here is the Urban Outfitters red coat (so sweet!:)) and the LV bag. The Speedy 25 LV is indeed a classical item; if you get it, you'll wear it for years and years. I have a Papillon LV, I have worn it for 4 years already, and I absolutely love it! And the most amazing thing, is that I'll be able to wear it many years from now on. Also, I can wear it everywhere every day - fabulous!

  2. Oh I really wouldn't mind a LV Speedy!

    Laura x

  3. This is such a great idea. I always find myself buying small items that will most likely get lost or break, when I should be buying treasure pieces. I am going to do the same, thanks for sharing! Love your blog, I'm a new follower. Hope to hear from you soon!


  4. The River Island dress is gorgeous. I'd love to buy a classic handbag this year too - though I too really ought to save a few more pennies rather than wasting them!x

  5. Awesome wishlist!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I am following you on GFC. I would appreciate it if you would follow my blog on bloglovin'





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