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A few months ago I started hearing about what I thought was a new cosmetic and body care brand on Twitter called 'Arbonne' (link*). Beauty bloggers were raving about their skincare and even my friends had started mentioning their name. As a blogger, I'm always interested in hearing about new brands and I became intrigued by the concept of Arbonne. It wasn't until recently however, that I discovered that Arbonne aren't a new brand, they have been around since the 1980s and it's only recently that bloggers are discovering them. I wanted to see what all the hype was about and after a talk with an Arbonne consultant, I was able to get my hands on a few little samples.

For those who have never heard of Arbonne, Arbonne was established during 1975 in Switzerland by a man named Peter Morck and a group of leading bio-chemists and herbalists. Arbonne use botanically based ingredients to form natural, soothing and energising skin care and the most exquisite makeup palettes and beauty products. Arbonne works similar to Avon, where you can purchase the products through a local consultant or even become one yourself. The brand started their beauty consultancy work in the 1980s and have been rapidly growing ever since. 

I was sent a variety of Arbonne Anti-Ageing skincare samples to try and although I don't really need anti-ageing products at the moment, I'm a firm believer of prevention before cure and if I can start getting into an anti-ageing skincare routine whilst I'm young, I would hope that it will help keep my skin youthful for years to come. Here's a little run down of my Arbonne trial findings:

Regenerating Toner
The 'Regenerating Toner' is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E and the product description says that it will 'regenerate skin tone and firmness to deliver younger looking skin." This is not the best toner I have ever used (I will stick firmly with Clarins for that one), but it is pretty good. I like the way it settles softly on my skin and applies really well. My face does feel a little bit firmer and I feel fresh after use. 

Extra Moisture Restore Cream
The restore cream was not what I expected when I first applied it. When you think of an 'extra moisturising' product you immediately jump to the conclusion that it will be thick, creamy and heavily applied, but this product is similar to a light serum in texture, that once applied makes your face feel silky smooth.  This has to be one of my favourite Arbonne products.

Corrective Eye Cream
The corrective eye cream promises to reduce the appearance of puffiness around the eyes and dark circles and I think it lives up to the promise pretty well. I have pretty bad dark circles due to years of being anaemic and I have tried an endless amount of beauty products to try reduce them. Unfortunately the eye cream does not banish my dark circles altogether, but it does help reduce them and my eyes feel a lot more alert from using this product.

Night Repair Creme
Over the last few years I haven't really cared much about my night time skin care regime, but after a bad few months of drying skin I started using moisturiser on an evening. These days I can't go to bed without layering on the night serums, moisturisers and eye products, the soothing products on my skin help me get to sleep. I love how soft this night repair creme leaves my face and the product itself isn't too heavy that you feel like you are wearing a lot of product before bed. The night creme is only lightly scented so it feels like you're wearing nothing on your face.

Intensive Renewal Serum
The Renewal Serum smells beautiful and applies really well, but unfortunately irritates my overly annoying sensitive skin. Looking at the other products, I'm sure this is on par and probably is a great product, but for now I've stopped using it.

I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality of Arbonne products and how lovely they make my skin feel. I'm usually skeptical about certain skin creams promising so many things and not living up to the product description, but so far these Arbonne products have done exactly what they have said on the description. As I'm getting older i'm becoming more aware of my skin care routine and I would like to consciously make an effort to look after my skin. A long with my healthy eating and these exciting Arbonne products, I think my skin should definitely be looked after.

Have you tried Arbonne before?

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