The Husband-to-be

If you told me four years ago that would be getting married at the age of 23 and I'd be in a fully committed relationship with my soul mate, I would have laughed. Marriage had never really been on my agenda - it was something that I wanted to happen in the future, but I didn't have a set time or goal for when it should be. Part of me thought i'd end up being a spinster like Bridget Jones Diary - alone with my blog and some type of furry animal by my side. But life is full of surprises and unknown to me, three years ago the man of my dreams would walk into my life and change my outlook on everything.

In seven weeks time I will be walking down the alter in a beautiful white lace dress and marrying the man I love. Three years ago he walked into my life and took what was a vulnerable, naive young girl and changed me into a woman. I claimed to be 'in love' before with my other partners and thought I knew what I wanted for my life, but James taught me how real love feels and with his support, I feel like the world is at my finger tips. People ask me 'how do you know he's the one' when we get onto the topic of marriage and I don't know, it's just one of those instinctive feelings. I cannot imagine a day not waking up besides him and not being able to talk to him, not being able to feel close to him. We are a completely open couple and share everything together. He's like my best friend and a partner. I always say being with James is like being permanently with my best friend and being able to have all the benefits. I'm lucky, I struck gold with this one.

When House of Fraser (link*) approached me for a mens clothing review, I accepted the opportunity because I thought it was time I treated my man. I admit  I do get a fair few items out of blogging and my wonderful partner is usually the man behind the camera taking all the photographs and being my occasional proof reader. James is incredibly supportive of my blog. I work 9-5 each day and come home at around 7pm and blog until about 9pm. A lot of the time my blog requires a lot of work, but James understands that. He waits patiently for me to join him once I've done all my editing, taking photos and all the write-ups. Sometimes it is like there are three people in our relationship, James and I and the blog. I choose this pale blue t-shirt because it has a retro vibe, James really suits the colour blue and because nautical wear is always a 'must-have' for men and women during the summer. I like how this t-shirt looks casual, but can also be dressed up rather easily.

Have you found mr/mrs 'right' yet?


  1. I've been with my partner since I was 17, I am also 23 now and him 24. I bet you're so excited, and a little nervous to walk down the aisle. Every girls dream is that huge white wedding and feeling like a princess for the day. I wish you all the best :) x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  2. Aww....what a lovely post. I love hearing and reading about other people's love stories. Glad you found your soul mate at such a young age! For some people it takes a lifetime :) But I guess the timeframe doesn't really matter, huh? Reading this reminds me of my boyfriend and how much we changed together (for the better).

    xo Azu

  3. Aww congratulations :) I hope you have a wonderful wedding!

    I met my OH 2 years ago now... It was definitely a love at first sight thing. We've been living together just over a year and have been together a year and a half. Everyone said we were a bit mad to buy a house so soon, but we knew it was right! Hopefully once we've got our PhD's we will be able to sort a wedding!

    Wishing you and James all the best :)

    MissPond x


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