Blusher Bricks

Blusher Bricks are the latest products launched from Miners cosmetics and you're definitely in for a treat. Pastel pinks and soft tan colours are perfect for our current weather, fulfilling all your contouring   and summer blushing needs. These blusher sets are highly pigmented and blend so well on my light skin tone. 

This first set is known as 'the Browns' colour palette. It has an eclectic mix of soft terracotta, a creamy pastel pink and a fabulous nude biege.A gentle sweep of all these colours across your checks creates the perfect mix, with each colour highlighting key areas of your facial features. The browns set has to be my favourite as it adds a subtle glow to my face and I haven't stopped using it.

The 'Pinks' palette is perfect for those seeking doll like features, wearing charming summer dresses and favour the natural look rather than tan. Unfortunately this blusher brick recently exploded in my make-up cabinet, but nevertheless, at £4.49, I still count this as one of my favourite bargain price blushers.

Miners 'Blusher Bricks' are available to purchase from at £4.49. 

Here is my overall make-up before I ventured out for a night in town, what do you think? Have you tried the Blusher Bricks?



  1. I absolutely love the colours in both of them, they look so gorgeous! It's disappointing that one exploded in your make up cabinet though! xx

  2. Looks really cute :)

    Thank you for the comment! Do stop by anytime again / follow :)

    Indie by heart

  3. Ah took me a while to find where to post comments! lol! omg i remember the brand miners from when i was really little haha! these blushes look gorgeous! x

  4. You look stunning! The blusher looks SO natural on you.


  5. Ooohhhhh love the look of these! Shame it exploded :(

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