Feeling Natural with Dove

"The best age banishing technique; looking after your skin from a young age" - my mother. 

My mother is 54 years old this winter, but her skin shows little signs of wrinkles and has hardly any blemishes. When caking on cosmetics from a very young age, my dad would often say: " don't put too much on, you'll regret it in 40 years time", maybe he is right. The core concept of all this mumble jumble is that if you look after your skin against the affects of sun damage (particularly in this weather) and moisturise regularly, your body will reap the benefits. Dove is one of the nations leading brands in beauty products - often promoting a realistic approach to looking after yourself and proving that real beauty is 'skin deep'. Having been an avid follower of Dove products since the day I discovered the word moisturiser, I really couldn't wait to try their latest products. 

Dove Summer Glow + Soft Shimmer ( £5.10 from Boots)

Dove Summer Glow is a gradually building tan that aims to make you looking naturally sun kissed. Since the weather has been lovely and warm, I have recently applied this body lotion so that I wasn't too afraid to step out of my doorstep with bare legs. I'm naturally pale and unfortunately, I burn rather than tan. The Dove Summer Glow is a great purchase for those who have never tried fake tan before or find the fake tan mousse difficult and messy. Simply apply the lotion as you would any other moisturiser daily and you will feel healthy and glowing in no time. I really like this product and like most Dove products, I would happily use it again and again. The shimmer element of the product reminds me of the Twilight Saga. Every time I step out in the sun I sparkle like a glittery vampire. 

Dove Hydro Nourishment Body Lotion

On the bottle, the  Dove Hydro Nourishment Body Lotion promises to be 'fast absorbing', 'wonderfully light' and says it will leave your skin 'ultra soft and beautiful' and I agree. This is a product that does exactly what it says on the bottle. When I first tried this lotion, I accidentally squirted it all over my arm, but the lotion absorbed really quickly and left my skin feeling soft. The lotion smells fresh and avoids the chemical scent that a lot of body lotions naturally conjure up. Using the Dove Deep Care complex, the lotion uses natural skin nutrients and rich essential oil to improve the surface layers of your skin. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that longs for soft, shimmering skin, especially on hot days like this.

Dove Natural Touch - Dead Sea Minerals is the latest Dove deodorant which offers 48 hour protection and a moisturising finish for your under-arms. I love this product. It smells fresh, it lasts for hours and my under arms feel smooth. When I first tried this product, I had my doubts due to the weather being incredibly warm. Most deodorants I have tried failed to last a few hours in average British weather (usually rainy/cloud covered), but the Dove Natural touch exceeded my exceptions. Finally I have found the mecca of all deodorants and I doubt I will be turning back.

An exhibition known as the 'Dove By You' has launched exclusively for Facebook fans to showcase what the beauty brand means to them, incorporating the iconic bird image within creative designs that have emotional resonance for them. This exhibition will take place once a month and everyone involved will be provided with a design toolkit to help create a unique and wonderful design using the iconic Dove logo. If you're feeling creative check it out here: Facebook.com/Dove

Have you tried any Dove products before? What is your favourite?



  1. I love Dove products. My mum says the same thing to me! and I like Nivea products! :)

    Nafisah ox


  2. I love dove products :)


  3. thanks for your comment :)


  4. I love Dove! The Hydro Nourishment lotion is one of my fave lotions and I always use their deodorants, didn't know about this new natural touch one though, thanks for sharing! x

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