Making time for the things you love with Virgin Trains on the East Coast

Life often has an annoying habit of getting in the way of the things we love, from busy work commitments to lack of money or suddenly making us feeling poorly or blue. It can be really hard to make time for the things you love when you have so many other commitments and only seven short days to fit them in.

This week I've teamed up with Virgin Trains on the East Coast to show how planning ahead can give you a head start and give you more time for the things you love. During the last week, Virgin trains on the East Coast have challenged me to work my way through my to-do list, comprising of things that I either needed to get done or have been putting off for far too long.

Booking a gym class

One of my first items on my to-do list was booking into a gym class. I've been paying for a gym membership for nearly four years which includes unlimited gym classes and I've never been to any of them. This was mainly due to my lack of confidence, but also partly due to the fact that I always forgot to book in advance and spaces would fill up. This week I booked myself into a class a few days early on my fitness class and then attended my first ever pilates class. It was fun, it really pushed me out of my comfort zone and it gave me the motivation to do a lot more of them.

Book a trip to London

The next item that I was keen to tick off my to do list was booking a trip to London. It has almost been six years since my husband and I spent the night in London and the last time we went, it was when we got engaged. Over the last few months we have been working really hard to save for a house deposit, so it was about time that we treated ourselves. We booked our tickets in advance on the Virgin Trains on the East Coast website travelling from Leeds to London and we managed to get tickets considerably cheaper than booking only a few days ahead.

Cooking from scratch

Meal prep or batch cooking is a great way to save time when you have a busy working week and something that I've been looking to do more of recently. I leave the house at 7am and usually don't get home until 7pm and I often feel too tired to cook, but I need to cook a lot from scratch due to my nutritional needs as a vegan. This week I bought lots of ingredients in advance and spent an evening cooking and freezing meals to free up space for the next few days. It felt like a big task, to begin with as I needed to cook several meals at a time, but it was great knowing that I could come home from work the night after and simply reheat my meal. I was then able to dedicate the time I freed up to blogging and even going to the gym.

Sorting out my photography

On Friday night, I spent the evening in front of the television, with a big glass of wine, printing off my travel photographs from 2017. Now we're in the digital age, most of us just keep our photographs on our phones or computers, but what happens if they break? Last year I lost a considerable amount of photographs when my hard drive broke and I was devastated. I kept telling myself that I would print off my photographs in future, but the months have crept by and until now I hadn't printed off any. Printing my travel photographs means that I have physical copies of my favourite memories and also that I can make space on my camera for more photographs of the things I love.

Spending time with loved ones

Last, but definitely not least on my to-do list was to spend much needed time with my husband. Although we live together, we rarely get to spend quality time together because we're too tired on an evening and we both have very hectic lives.  We spent Saturday having a few cocktails then went for a meal at one of our favourite restaurants and it was great to be able to have a laugh together without feeling too rundown. It also happened to be the day that we finally put an offer down on a house and it was a great distraction whilst we waited for it to be accepted...hopefully we will hear back from them soon.

How do you make time for the things you love?

*Collaborative post


  1. I totally hear you on the photographs. I've had a hard drive break and I lost years worth of photos. I was (and still am) devastated. Printing them off is such a great idea.

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