Six ways to rekindle your lost motivation

We've all been there, staring at a to-do list and not knowing where to start. It can be incredibly frustrating when you have a task to do for a specific deadline, but you cannot find the 'get go' to begin. Before you know it, the list gets bigger and what seemed like a one hour task can suddenly feel overwhelming. There are many things that can affect our motivation from juggling our workloads and problems at home to simply feeling tired or the weather making us feel cold and uninspired.

This week I'm teaming up with Virgin Trains on the East Coast* to highlight how planning ahead, such as purchasing earlier train tickets or meal prepping, can help you stay organised and free up your time to do more of the things you love, rekindling your motivation for life. Over the next week, I will be posting my daily challenges on social media and striking off my to-do list, but first, here are just a few tips to help you find the motivation to get what you need done.

Your working environment can really affect your mental health and positivity, so before you embark on your to-do list, make sure you declutter your desk space and create 'thinking room.' Hang up photographs of the things that inspire you, make note of what you would like to achieve and have space where you can spread out all your paperwork so you can see and think clearly.

Set goals
Some people work better when they have a target or a set goal to reach, so try to think of a date when you would like to have completed your work by or achieved what you are setting out to do. Think of your short and long-term life goals and write out a plan to help you get there.

Don't overdo it
Taking on too many tasks at one time can lead to stress and burnout and you're less likely to achieve what you have set out to do and if you do achieve it, your performance may be subpar. Only take on what you can handle and only take on a few tasks at a time.

Be positive
Although it can be hard at times to remain positive, always try to keep a smile on your face and surround yourself with positive people. If you have a 'can do' attitude, you're more likely to get things done.

Be inspired
Sometimes we all require a little bit of inspiration to show us that the tasks we are doing are worthwhile. Think closely about what you would like to achieve and then browse social media, the internet or books to find inspiration from people who have had similar successes.

Reward yourself

Once you have completed your goals, don't forget to reward yourself however big or small. You will work harder knowing that there's something you want at the end of the task and once you have that sense of achievement, you're more likely to do it again when you have something else you need to get done.

Do you have a long to-do list?

 *collaborative post


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