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Champagne lifestyle, lemonade budget could not be more true to my life right now. I'm currently putting away half of my wages towards a house deposit and each day that goes by I have itches to book holidays abroad, go shopping or eat out at my favourite restaurants. Saving money and still wanting to lead an extravagant lifestyle can be really tough, but it is not impossible. 'Luxe on a budget' is going to be my new blog series which will show you how you can splash the cash, but save money at the same time. Even if you are trying to budget, you should always treat yourself once in awhile as it will only motivate you more to save. 

I'm starting my luxe on a budget blog series with one of my favourite topics - travel. I love to travel whether it is travelling through the UK or going abroad and my life doesn't seem quite right without my mini trips. Holidays are often one of the first things we cut out of our plans when we are trying to budget, but here's some tips to make going on holiday while saving more achievable.


If you're not too precious about the hotel you are looking to stay in,  look into booking a mystery hotel stay. Companies such as Last Minute and sites like Superbreak offer heavily discounted 5 star hotel breaks, the only catch is that you don't know which hotel you are staying in - just the location and amenities.

To save money on the hotels that you really want to stay at,  try schedule your holidays so they are at the beginning of the week. Many hotels offer large discounts for Sunday - Tuesday stays as these are unpopular times and they want to fill up all their rooms.

Always remember to shop around and don't rely too heavily on comparison websites, you can sometimes get great deals by going direct.

Travel - UK

Trains in the UK are very expensive and always on the rise, but there's still a few ways you can grab a bargain. Firstly, keep an eye out for any sales like the Virgin £5 London sale that pop up regularly throughout the year. The Virgin sale offers a limited number of single tickets from most major UK train stations to London for only £5.

Secondly, if two of you often go on holiday together you can apply for a 'two can travel' National Railcard. The two can travel railcard gives users a third off train travel as long as they travel with the person whose name is on the card.

If you have plenty of time on your hands and don't mind travelling at anti-social hours, look for super off peak train times which are usually in the early hours of the morning and very late at night. 

Travel - Abroad

If you're looking for holiday inspiration on a budget, Ryanair, Monarch, Jet2 and EasyJet all have 'fare finders' where you can type in your budget and it will show you plane tickets for that price and where you can go.

To save even more money on your flights, travel out of season and stay away from school holidays where possible. The best time to book flights are Sundays for short haul and Tuesday for long haul and 70 days in advance.

Always delete your cookies when searching for deals as prices will go up when you return the website if you don't delete them.


If your ideal holiday is visiting museums and sightseeing and you're visiting a well-known city, consider purchasing a city card. City cards offer great discounts and free entry to many museums and sightseeing tours and often offer discounted travel within the city, as well as airport transfers.


Always book your transfers in advance to save money and use comparison sites such as Cheapflights to find the best deals. Cheapflights also have lots of tips on how you can save money on your airport car parking on their blog if you plan on taking the car.

What are your money saving travel tips?

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  1. Some great tips here, i love to travel and it's always good to save money when you do so x

  2. I'm in the same boat as you, desperately want to go on trips but saving for a property keeps getting in the way! One of my biggest tips for travelling on a budget is to plan your trip meticulously and figure out a daily budget for when you're there. This way you're less likely to spend if you're occupied with museums etc!

    SinĂ©ad ♥ Fabuleuse Du Jour

  3. Some fab tips - I am never good at saving money and few times i have travelled abroad and sort everything directly with them. This is helpful especially since struggling to save in other ways like with activities etc x

  4. Some great tips! And a big pat on the back for being able to save so much - it will be worth it when you have your own place to travel from ;) x

  5. If you want to save on trains I recommend booking directly with train companies and third party sites like the trainline and red spotted hanky charge booking fees. Advance tickets get real eased about 12 weeks in advance and will offer the best rate for long distance journeys. Lots of train companies offer great rover tickets, you can explore the whole of Wales for 4 days unlimited rail and 8 days of buses for about £100 - the Explore Wales pass is great value.

  6. These are some great tips, I'm heading on a big trip later this year and need to save as much money where I can. I have used Superbreaks before to book trips to London as their hotel and train combo deals are really reasonable! xo

  7. I use sky scanner a lot if I know when I want to travel but not where as it shows the cheapest places to fly to x

  8. Great tips! I find booking flights on random days helps and always using a hotel comparison site for the best deals x

  9. Some really good points especially about booking your transfers, it works out so much cheaper x

  10. These are some fantastic hints and I will definitely be trying some of them out. I have a little travelling that I want to do this year, so these could really help me save money x

  11. When I travel I just have to remember to prioritise. For me, eating amazing local food is one of my favourite things o do when I travel so I dont scrimp on restaurants and fine wine - but I dont mind staying in a budget hotel as I dont plan to be there very much anyway!

  12. As a travel blogger, it amazes me when people say they've spent hundreds if not thousands on their holidays... then they're amazed when I tell them I'm going away x5 more than them, spending a fraction of the cost! It's tips like yours above that enable that though ;)

  13. Brilliant tips here. I've never heard of Superbreak and I'll definitely look into it!

  14. These are such great tips. Travelling can be so expensive.

  15. Lovely tips. I avoid the school holidays period too.

  16. Great tips. I've heard you can work out which hotels you might be getting with superbreak via the details they give if you are prepared to check them all.

  17. Im with you on the whole saving for a deposit situation. I would add in dont be afraid to use discount vouchers on meals out etc. Great way to still have a social life but save money too!

  18. I love the idea of mystery hotels. I've not tried it yet but would totally go with that as an option for a city break. I haven't had a trip away in so looong! Melanies Fab Finds above is right btw. Just copy and paste the details in to Google and it usually comes up with the hotel :)

  19. I've always thought about trying the 'mystery' hotels but never been brave enough x


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