Khum Muang Min Boutique Hotel: Nan, Thailand

Khum Muang Min Boutique Hotel is a budget hotel in the heart of Nan Province, Thailand. The hotel is family run bed and breakfast with excellent hospitality and in close proximity to all the Nan attractions.I recently stayed here on my trip to Thailand with the Thailand Tourism Authority earlier this year. I admit I can be a little bit of a hotel snob and worried a lot about what my hotel would look like, but when I arrived my concerns quickly faded away. 

The Khum Muang Min Boutique Hotel is a converted traditional Thai house which is turquoise in colour and has large opening windows, a picturesque garden and beautiful wooden floors.  The hotel has fantastic WIFI and is perfect for those travelling on a budget and looking for somewhere with a 'homely' feel.

Khum Muang Min has two floors with the reception, breakfast area and rooms on the ground floor and additional bedrooms on the first floor. Each floor is decorated in traditional Thai style - lots of teak furnishings, draping white curtains and green plants. 

The hotel room was a lot better than I expected. The decor seems a little bit stuck in the 1970s but offers a comfortable place to say with a firm but huggable mattress, a large television and home comforts such as a hairdryer and complimentary toiletries. Before visiting the Khum Muang Min Boutique hotel I heard a few bad reviews regarding the hotel being next door to a prison. I can confirm that the hotel is within close proximity to the prison, but I felt safer in this hotel than I have done in many others in the UK.  The locals, the staff and even the visitors are all very friendly and the two nights that I stayed were pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable.



  1. Thailand is on my to-go list! My main thing with hotel rooms is as long as the bed is comfy and it's clean then it's good to go!! Can't wait to see pics from the rest of your trip

  2. So jealous you went to Thailand, I'd love to visit! The hotel looks quite nice, especially the bedroom! xo

  3. This place looks gorgeous! Love the decor! Hope you had a good time staying there :-)

  4. Ahhh I'm off to Thailand in August! I have no idea where to start (we've only booked our flights) so your blog is helping so much <3


  5. The hotel looks dreamy! <3
    Thailand is one my favourite places in the world!
    Must look into this one the next time!

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