Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Cologne

Jo Malone are a brand that I had heard so much of in the past but never really had the chance to explore. My nearest Jo Malone store is quite far away from me and I'm not a big fan of online shopping. It was a few months ago in Bangkok Airport Duty Free that I really fell in love with Jo Malone. My friend and I were trying to pass time before our flight and spent a lot of time sampling the perfumes as most women do. It was the first time that I had really sniffed a Jo Malone perfume and instantly I fell in love with this Blackberry and Bay Cologne.

Jo malone are a quintessentially British brand putting their customers at the heart of their business. They specialise in bespoke fragrances in the form of candles, colognes and perfumes each luxuriously presented in one of their immaculate signature boxes. This Blackberry and Bay cologne has notes of blackberry juice, bay and brambly woods. The website description says that it should 'evoke childhood memories of blackberry picking'. Maybe that is why I love it so much. I regularly picked blackberries with my mother and loved eating her homemade blackberry pies. Despite some of its childhood attributes, this cologne screams sophistication and has a very light musky scent to counteract the sweetness of the fruit. It is a playful yet vibrant fragrance and is probably one of the fragrances that suits me the most.

What is your favourite Jo Malone cologne?


  1. This sounds beautiful, Jo Malone fragrances always look and sound so classic!

    Jess xo

  2. This does sound absolutely stunning, I really should try out the Jo Malone range more x

  3. I NEED SOME JO MALONE IN MY LIFE. Literally next pay day, he'll be mine.

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  4. Sounds like lovely scent! I need to give a sniff to this next time I'm shopping...

  5. This is one brand that I am yet to own a product from and considering the number of aftershaves I own, it is quite shocking!

  6. Sounds lovely, I still haven't brought anything from Jo Malone I just admire everyone else's candles and perfumes x


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