Magaluf for Non-Clubbers

When I tell people that I went to Ibiza for my honeymoon people are often amazed. For the last few decades the Balearic islands have had somewhat of a bad reputation for being associated with wreckless party goers, loud music and shameless behaviour, but these islands have been the foundations of some of my favourite holidays as a child. I first went to Ibiza at 8 years old and regularly visit as an adult and I first went to Majorca at the age of 12 and I have no hesitation about going back. These islands do have their party areas, but there's also so much more to enjoy and even in the party areas of these islands, there are many hidden gems.

I was challenged by Holiday Gems to write an alternative guide to an 18-30s holiday in Magaluf and when asked I leaped at the challenge. Firstly, as previously mentioned I really want to erase the stigma of these party islands and highlight the beauty that resides in Majorca and secondly, I haven't been to Majorca in years but I do intend on going back there and this was the perfect excuse to do some research. Although Magaluf is one of perfect places for a alcohol binging holiday, there are plenty of other amazing things you can do without getting drunk. Here's a few of my recommendations:

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Island Tour: Soller and La Calobra

Immerse yourself in culture and see the entire island via wooden train and boat. According to the day excursion website 'you are able to take a trip on the wooden train built in 1912, see the most spectacular road in Mallorca and see the amazing views at La Calobra'.  This trip is considered to be one of the best trips in Mallorca.

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Visit the Caves of Drach

One of my favourite memories I have of a family holiday is visiting the Caves of Drach in Mallorca. These caves are spectacular and look like something from a movie. You are given a tour of cave via a short boat trip and at the end you are able to watch a classical music concert in Lake Martel with a lighting show enabling you to see the true beauty of the cave. 

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Son Amar Cabaret Show

Finally if you still want to drink and be merry, but in a more sophisticated manner why not visit the world renowned Son Amar cabaret show, which is a few miles away in Majorca. The show features visual comedy, breathtaking acrobatics, Spanish Flamenco dancing, cabaret performances and even dancing horses. The tickets come with a three course traditional Mediterranean meal and wine.

Have you been to Majorca before?



  1. Beautiful! This isn't somewhere I'd have considered going before - but it sounds great. Another place to add to the list ;-) x

  2. It's gorgeous! It's refreshing to see a different kind of post on Magaluf! x

  3. Certainly not somewhere I would of thought about going before, but my friend just came back and she's a family of 4 with 2 young children (like me) and you have made it look like such a beautiful place, more then the partying island. I'd definitely consider it now! x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  4. Well this definitely looks a lot nicer than the pictures you see of the Magaluf strip! The last time I went to Mallorca (also quite a while ago) I visited the Caves of Drach, they really are beautiful and the classical music was a nice touch. Such a pretty place x


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