Scarborough Sea Life Centre

Earlier today I was scrolling through some photographs on my Macbook and came across these from my recent trip to Scarborough and Scarborough Sea Life Centre. As it is Friday and everyone loves looking at cute animals on the weekend, I thought I'd share a few of these photographs with you.

Scarborough Sea Life centre resides in the North bay area of Scarborough and is made of three triangular buildings containing over 50 displays of marine life including an outdoor area with seals, otters and penguins. The sea life centre is rather easy to get to by walking along the seafront promenade or a quick five minute drive from the town centre. Alternatively you can hop on the fairly priced Scarborough sightseeing bus which calls at all the main Scarborough attractions.

This sea life centre is rather small compared to the ones I have visited in London and around the UK, but there is still plenty to see and hosts a fantastic variety of marine life. Whether you're looking to 'find Nemo' or fancy exploring rock pools, there's something for the whole family and it's a great day out whatever your age.

One of the creatives that grabbed my attention at the Sea Life centre is Antiopi, the Loggerhead Turtles. I love Turtles and I'm always fascinated when I see them. Antiopi is between 50 and 60 years old and had been rescued from a Greek Island before finding her forever home in Scarborough. Antiopi unfortunately suffered head injuries from a boat propeller and cannot be returned to the wild due to the damage to her brain, but she seems happy enough to nestled between the rocks and enjoy the quieter life at the Sea Life centre.

Another highlight of Scarborough Sea Life centre was seeing the penguins at Penguin Island. Scarborough Sea Life centre is the only Sea Life centre in Europe to have a penguin walkthrough feature. I love how the penguins are all lined up for this photograph.

After a brief encounter with a few penguins, we made our way to the Otter sanctuary. Scarborough Sea Life centre is home to two Asian Short Clawed Otters named Eric and Pumpkin. The otters seemed rather shy on our visit and spent a lot of time hidden inside this log, but I did manage to capture this fun photograph when he eventually came out of hiding.

Last but definitely not least was the Seal Sanctuary. Scarborough Sea Life centre not only showcases a variety of beautiful seals, but it also have one of Britain's only seal rescue and rehabilitation programmes. The programme helps injured, distressed and abandoned seal pups on the East Coast of Britain. Many of the UK's Seals live under fear of getting caught in fishing nets, hit by boats and most commonly entanglement in marine litter. Scarborough Sea Life centre has a Seal hospital where you can see the amazing work they do and the Seals being treated as well as seeing those that are rescued happily having a dip in their large outdoor living area like this one above. The sea life centre also regularly hold beach cleanup sessions to prevent Seals getting into danger on the East Coast.

Over all I thoroughly enjoyed my little visit to Scarborough Sea Life and would definitely call back again. It was only a short tour and took my husband and I just 45 minutes to get round, but where there are cute animals and pretty coloured marine life, I'm there.

Have you been to Scarborough Sea Life Centre?



  1. I love the sea life centre! :) We went the other month and had a grand time, I loved the penguins but sadly the otters were hiding from the rain on our visit! :)

  2. Loved reading this as I'm from Scarborough so I've been many times through the years! You got some great photos, the penguins and sea turtles are my favourite! xo


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