Le Volume de Chanel Eye Mascara

We all have our own insecurities and often we're looking of ways to improve the things that get us down. One of my biggest insecurities beside my weight has always been my eyelashes. I don't know when it began or why, but I've always been really conscious of my very small eyelashes and despite trying dozens of mascaras - some of which have had amazing reviews, none of them have worked for me. Nights out would be my biggest bugbear. I have friends with naturally long, beautiful eyelashes where one stroke of mascara transforms their eyes to have doll like features. Mine struggle to stand out even with the best mascaras and I hate the paranoia of wearing fake eyelashes that might fall off when you have one too many.

Chanel are probably one of the only eye mascara brands that I hadn't tried previously and recently whilst shopping in House in Fraser this mascara caught my eye. I decided to throw caution to the wind and give this mascara ago. I had already set myself up for disappointment before I got home and kept telling myself that this probably isn't going to work.

A few hours later my husband and I decided to go for a drink and I began to freshen myself up and re-apply my makeup. Instead of using my normal mascara, I decided to give my Chanel Le Volume de Chanel mascara a trial run and after one application I was really impressed. For the first time in months I had flirty, voluminous eyelashes and for once, my eyes really stood out. Admittedly it did go a little bit 'clumpy' at first - probably because the bottle had been sat around, but after a few uses the product applied very easily and looked fantastic. Using this product has made me feel just as confident as when I used to have semi-permanent lashes and it is almost a third of the cost at £25.00. For most people Chanel is a rather pricey brand, but sometimes it pays to go higher end. This investment really paid off and for now, my eyelashes have been given the boost they have needed. 

Have you tried the Le Volume de Chanel eye mascara?



  1. Well it looks and sounds as though you have found yourself an amazing mascara lovely x

  2. Ooh I'll have to try this mascara. I found a really helpful mascara guide on Twitter last week comparing 100 mascaras next to each other. If you Google "cosmopolitan 100 mascaras" you should find it.
    I have the exact problem. I used to have nice long lashes until I got PCOS and now they're shorter. Annoying!

  3. Finding that perfect mascara can be such a trial, and they all work so differently based on your lashes. Enjoy your new found mascara.. your eyes look absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I LOVE Chanel makeup, will put this one on my to try list!

    Laura from whatlauralovesuk.com xxx

  5. I am told that finding that perfect mascara is and can be quite challenging!

  6. I am glad that you liked this! You are right. We all have our own insecurities....and it is always nice when you find a product that makes those things go away.

  7. this sounds quite nice, I will see if I can find it! :D

  8. I have to be honest I haven't tried chanel mascaras before, although I've heard great thins about this one. x


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