Five years of Forever Miss Vanity

If you told me five years ago that my blog would reach five years old and during that time would have given me so many amazing opportunities, I probably would have laughed in your face. Before my blog I wouldn't commit to anything. I started Ballet at five years old and gave it up after a few lessons, I went to Brownies for several months before I got bored, I started guitar at 10 and very rarely pick it up and I also started sailing but very quickly got bored again. My parents always wanted me to have a hobby. One side of my family are really sporty and the other half are musical. Although I've drifted between the two categories, I never quite fitted in. I'm far from sporty and although I can sing and play guitar a bit, I wouldn't say that music rules my life. Writing was the only thing that I loved growing up. I used to write stories all day, everyday. In fact if I couldn't sleep, I'd always pick up a pen and paper. It was no surprise to my parents that at 17 years ago I decided hairdressing wasn't for me and pursued my first and only love writing, embarking on a media production course at my local college and that's when my blog began. We were often encouraged to start a portfolio of work whether it be a radio, video or written portfolio. I had read about bloggers and had seen many rising vloggers at time and thought I should give that a try. The rest is pretty much history.

In the five years that my blog has been running I have written 689 posts, dedicated at least five hours to my blog every week with very little time off and I have been given a wide range of opportunities that never would have happened if I wasn't a blogger.


Some of my blogging highlights include attending London Fashion Week almost every year, going to Parklife as press, appearing in national and regional press as well as on television. I've been able to review items that had yet to go on the market and I have had the privilege of attending lots of blogger events where I have met lifelong friends. One of my highlights includes interviewing and spending time with Amy Childs four years ago.

How the industry has changed

The blogging industry has changed considerably since I started blogging. When 'Forever Miss Vanity' was originally created there were far less bloggers than there are now and when you told people that you were a blogger, no-one really understood. Brands worked with bloggers far less too. It wasn't impossible to work with brands, but it was a lot harder as the influence of bloggers hadn't yet reached its peak. Bloggers were dedicated to their writing more than anything else. I know that is still true for the majority of bloggers, but the past few years has paved way for the 'blagger bloggers' that blog simply for the 'free items' and ruin it for the majority. Although it happened years ago, it wasn't as obvious as it is now.

What I have learnt from being a blogger
Being a blogger has taught me so much about myself and my writing. Before I began my blog, I was really shy and rarely left the house. I didn't have many friends and I had very little confidence. Fast forward five years and my blog has given me the chance to love myself through the positive comments from my lovely followers, to being given the chance to network and meet new people. My blog even helped pave the way to my career.

The future of Forever Miss Vanity
No-one knows what the future will bring and I don't want to be keeping promises that I cannot keep, but i'm hoping that my blog continues to grow and that my followers stay loyal and as supportive as they have always been. I'm blessed by all your generosity and kindness.

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  1. I was the same, always trying to find a hobby and trying everything but not engaging with it shortly after until blogging came along. Like you I've always wrote, in a diary and also when I couldn't sleep. Congratulations on your half decade anniversary! Attending Parklife as press (well jel) x

  2. Happy blog birthday lovely xxx

  3. Congrats on your blogging anniversary! You've done so well. I've been blogging for almost 5 years too.

    Laura from

  4. Wow 5 years is amazing, well done you x

  5. Congratulations! 5 years is such an achievement :) I hope it long continues to be a success! x

  6. That's amazing, congratulations! That's so cool that you were on television too :)

    Frankie x

  7. Congrats on five years, here's to many more! Sounds like your blog has brought some amazing opportunities :D

    Jess xo

  8. Congratulations on fice successful years, well done!

  9. Congrats!! Amazing achievement and all best for future!!

  10. Five years? Wow that is an amazing achievement. When I hit my first blog birthday I never thought I would last that long.


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