Weekend Treats: Pressels

I've never been a massive fan of pretzels as they can often be dry, too salty and lack flavour. The only time of year I ever seem to eat them is when they come in those variety packs at Christmas. However, after my recent discovery of the new brand Pressels, I'd have to say they are fast becoming one of my favourite snacks.

Pressels are a brand that have taken the US by storm and in December finally hit the UK Waitrose stores. They come in three different yummy flavours and feel much healthier and lighter than any pretzel I have ever tasted. The 'Everything' flavour is a New York Deli style with black garlic, black caraway, sesame and onion, giving the pressels a full, lasting flavour. The other two flavours are Sesame and Original both bursting with flavour but it's a little bit more subtle.

Pressels* have up to 80% less fat than any other potato crisp, they have no trans fats, GMOS or artificial additives and they are also vegetarian. As someone that loves to snack, but also keep my weight at bay this snacks are a godsend and unlike most healthy products, they have all the flavour and if not more than the full fat alternatives. If you're looking for a guilt free, flavoursome snack this weekend you need to look no further.

Have you tried Pressels before?



  1. These look lush! I'll definitely be looking out for these for lunches at work. They look like they'd go well with dip too :)

  2. I haven't tried pressels before but they look yummy! x

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