Foodie Friday Introduction

As you may or may not know, I've recently just come out of hospital. It wasn't anything major - just a slightly inflamed stomach, but it did give me a wake up call. I have the worst immune system in history and far too many illnesses to list on one hand, I feel like I have a curse I cannot shift. After hearing this you will probably be thinking that I'm an overweight, heavy drinker or smoker that doesn't exercise, but you would be far from wrong. I'm normal weight and average height, I'm vegetarian, I'm very rarely drink alcohol and I definitely don't smoke. I exercise as often as I can and I'm rather strict with my diet. When I was in hospital I was thinking - maybe this is a chance for me to re-boot my system and try again. I need to stop being so strict on my diet, but still be healthy and I need to experiment more with food to try find things that give me a boost and make my body feel better. I then thought why not launch a section on my blog dedicated to this and that's what is happening today.

As of today I will be launching 'Foodie Friday's which will be dedicated to restaurant reviews, recipes, snack reviews and everything about food from a vegetarians perspective. This section is dedicated to trying new food and also showing you some of the fun places to eat if you're a vegetarian like me.

So make sure you follow my new Instagram (theveggieblogger) and check back on the blog when you can. My first official foodie post will start next week.

What would you like to see on the FMV food section? 



  1. Hope you are recovering well, I like the sound of it being all from a veggy point of view. When one of my friends was a veggie, and we hosted dinner parties for her, it was a nightmare from a foody point of view, so would be interesting to see some nice and tasty dinner party meals that would be interesting for meat lovers not to miss meat, if that makes sense?

  2. I always say every dark cloud has a silver lining. I hope you're feeling much better and good on you that you spent your time in hospital productively! Tx


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