NYX Butter Gloss

If you are looking for the perfect pout this Valentine's Day then look no further than these lip butter glosses from NYX. 

Admittedly, I have never been much of a lip gloss fan. I always find them too sticky, often drying and that they easily smudge. It took a lot of debating on whether I should try these, but after I saw all the raving Youtube and blogger reviews, I thought how could I not.

I haven't worn lipgloss in several years despite owning many varieties and most of the time when I'm sent samples to review I'm left disappointed. Lipglosses often remind me of Barbies or those overly fake looking people with lips like a piece of perspex. But I still get the temptation every now and then try certain brands.

I've tried many times to jump on the Lipgloss bandwagon, but I've not had much luck. Trying to find a lip gloss that gives shimmer and shine, yet still gives a natural appearance is hard to come by or so I thought. When I first tried the NYX lip butters I was immediately converted. I had gone from shying away from lipgloss, to wanting to wear these every day.

These three lip glosses are all named after delicious desserts (Cherry Pie, Strawberry Parfait and Angel Food Cake) and all exhibit a sweet vanilla taste. As the name describes, they lip glosses have a buttery, smooth texture which help adds moisture and shine to your lips with very little effort. 

I love applying these lip butter glosses over my favourite MAC lipsticks for a vibrant, dramatic look, but they also look great on their own.

These lip butter glosses have transformed my opinions of lip gloss and have made me realise that I should not frightened of wearing lip gloss because of a few bad experiences. There are many brands out there to choose from and eventually you will find the right brand for you. Mine just so happens to be NYX. 

Have you tried the NYX Butter Glosses yet?



  1. I picked one of these up sometime last year, I really liked it, I definitely need to try some more especially the shade you mentioned, Cherry Pie.

    alice x | beautybyalicee

  2. Wow, they sound seriously amazing. I really like the colours you have here. So pretty!

  3. I'm not normally a lipgloss girl but may have to cave into the hype on this one! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  4. I have just one of these and they are so so good! I need more :)

    Anoushka xx www.Anoushkaloves.com


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