Get the BAFTA Look with Lancome

Tomorrow night at 5pm marks the start of the 68th British Academy Film Awards, one of the world's most prestigious award ceremonies. And as well as being a big night for celebrities, it is a really big night for one of the UK's most loved beauty brands. Lancome are celebrating 15 years of being the official beauty partner of the awards. 

To celebrate the occasion and help you get ready for the red carpet, Lancome are giving away a clutch bag and a handful of their bestsellers worth over £35 if you buy two or more items in store. 

Although I've been telling myself to cut down on my spending this month, I thought the Lancome Bafta Goodie bag was too good to miss. I love the chic black clutch and my Lancome makeup remover was running low. The Lancome red lipstick is one of the best lipsticks I own and even though I don't use much of their skincare, it is worth it if I'm already in need of two Lancome items.

As mentioned previously in my Foodie Friday post, I haven't been very well lately and I wanted something to cheer me up. When I saw the new Blush Subtil Palette in shade 2, I knew it would be the perfect way to inject a little bit of colour back into my cheeks. This contouring kit is really easy to use and the colours blend effortlessly to give a natural, shimmering look. I previously thought that the blusher would be a little bit too vibrant on my skin, but it blends so well and gives me healthy looking skin. At £29 it is rather affordable compared to a lot of premium makeup palettes on the market and for those looking for an everyday, easy contouring kit it is worth the money, it's just such a shame that I smudged the corner of my palette before I took this photo.

When I went shopping this morning, I did not intend on buying a new lipstick, but the offer was too tempting to turn down. I bought the L'Absolu Rouge in shade rose as I had been looking for a natural, everyday looking lipstick and if i bought this product, I was able to get the bag. The L'Absolu rouge matches my lip skin tone almost perfectly and added a much needed splash of colour to my lips this morning. The lipstick is also moisturising and hydrating which is great for my currently chapped lips. 

After saying I was giving up shopping this month, I walked away with over £90 worth of makeup (£50 of which I spent myself). At least when I'm next at a red carpet (one can dream) I'll be ready for the cameras and looking good with my Lancome BAFTA makeover.

Have you been shopping at Lancome lately?



  1. Lancome is love ... i truly love lancome's product specially mascara...

  2. What a lovely set! I hope it did the job and cheered you up, also I hope you're on the mend now lovely xxx

  3. im intrigued as to the colour of the sculpt pan in that palette. looks ashy

  4. The color of this lipstick is stunning <3

    Pink Frenzy

  5. I adore Lancome and the free gift this time is lovely, I was surprised how nice the bag was in person too x

  6. The color looks fantastic. I wish I had such a little present to cheer me up when I was sick last week =) Lancome is one-love for me


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