Brand in Focus: Bespoke Aroma

It has been awhile since I have done a 'brand in focus' blog post but when I was introduced to Bespoke Aroma, I thought this would be best way to show how amazing their work is and highlight some of their fantastic products.

Bespoke Aroma are a small brand based in the Lake District set up by the lovely Jo Evans. Having noticed that I been really poorly lately, Jo sent me a lovely Bespoke Aroma package filled with natural skin care products to help me get back on the mend. The package contained: Two types of aromatherapy hand cream, bath infusion tea bags, pulse point oils and a facial skin tonic.

The Bespoke Aroma range of teas, skin creams and oils were created by aroma massage therapist Jo Evans, who realised there was a gap in the market for more hypoallergenic skin care when her clients confided in her about their skin care concerns. Many of these concerns were related to common dermatology problems, but one of her clients had undergone treatment for breast cancer and her skin was very sensitive.

Alongside her current job the former spa manager started manufacturing a bespoke range of skin care by testing these against the needs of her clients. This has resulted in an extensive range of luxurious bath and beauty products that have been hand-blended in the beautiful and natural surroundings of the Lake District.

One of the products that I have been eager to try for awhile now has been the Bespoke Aroma bath teas. As someone that suffers ongoing joint problems due to arthritis, baths are a godsend. They help ease my pain and give me a few minutes of the day to relax and forget about my problems.  The tea I had tried had a mixture of: Inger - a herb with an analgesic effect which helps relieve muscle spasms and cramps as well as having anti-inflammatory properties,  Star Anise which helps reduce the sensation of pain, Nettle Leaves which have been used for hundreds of years to treat joint problems, Oatmeal and various essential oils to lubricate and soften the skin. When I dropped the tea bag into my bathtub, there was an explosion of beautiful scents that filled the air. The aroma reminded me of a recent spa trip and as I sunk into the hot, relaxing water I felt like I was taken back there. To a place that relaxed me and my body felt at ease. I could feel the hot water and the mix of herbs, spices and oils gently kneading my achy bones and when I came out of the bath, I noticed that a few of my many aches and pains had been swept away.

After drying myself and applying my moisturiser before bed, I applied the Bespoke Aroma Aromatherapy hand cream, the Bergamot & Lavender Pulse Point Oil and finally the Skin Tonic Facial Oil. I found the Bespoke Aroma hand cream a delight to use. It's not often that I buy a hand cream and use it more than five times, but I haven't stopped using the Bespoke Aroma hand cream since it arrived. Unlike most hand creams, this one dissolves into the skin with very little effort and does not leave the hands feeling greasy. The beautiful scent seems to linger all day and my hands feel noticeably softer.

The Lavender Pulse Point Oil is something that I also love. I lead a very hectic lifestyle and I've always had trouble switching off. I have found that applying the lavender oil just before bed helps me de-stress and unwind. I have used Lavender oils many times in the past when I've had university stress, college stress and even when I have a short spell on insomnia at school. I have always found them helpful.

The last product that I tried was the Skin Tonic Facial oil and admittedly it wasn't for me. I have combination skin that goes from oily to dry and this makes me very hesitant when it comes to oily face products. After applying the product to my hand I found the facial oil to be rather gentle and not as oily as I imagined, but my general fear of facial oils got to me before I was able to fully assess the product on my actual face.

With many skin and body care companies out there these days, it's often difficult to find brands that stand out from the crowd, but Bespoke Aroma has gone above and beyond my expectations. Their products are gentle, soothing, relaxing and all natural which makes them perfect for everyone.

Have you tried any of the Bespoke Aroma range?


  1. These sound like such GORGROUS products! I too suffer with arthritis (who knew it was so common at such a young age eh?) so I really appreciate anything to help it. I also have a tonne of allergies so anything hypoallergenic is good in my books, I think I'll be giving these a try! xx

  2. I haven't herd of this brand before but I love a good hand cream xxx

  3. Not a brand I have heard of before, but I do love the design and I do love bath teas x

  4. Sounds like a great brand, anything that can help deal with stress and insomnia gets the thumbs up from me!

  5. The hand cream sounds gorgeous! I have super oily skin and have found facial oils really help so I'd love to try the oil, too :)

    Jess xo

  6. i haven't heard of this brand. the bath teas sounds lovely and would be great when my body aches from the gym

  7. What a yummy hand cream. Sounds like it smells amazing!

  8. I'v never heard of this brand before but the products sound and look gorgeous! xxx

  9. Oh I am sure you had fun with all of these they sound amazing and right up my street :)


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