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Looking fabulous during the winter season can often be time consuming and a great effort, especially when you have to contend torrential rain, gusty winds and dark mornings that make you feel like you want to stay in bed. Not only that, the weather also has a habit of making your skin feel drier than ever and the occasional winter humidity can also make your hair frizz. How are we supposed to contend with that? The key to winter beauty is keeping every simple - use a great moisturiser, always carry around a lip balm, make use of those hair masks and try going for neutral, simple to use makeup colours in the morning so that applying your makeup doesn't take as long.

The first item on my recommend products list is the Macadamia Deep Repair mask. The Deep Repair mask uses a combination of macadamia and argan oil both proven to give long lasting nourishment to dry and damaged hair which is then infused with tea tree oil and chamomile oil to give rejuvenate the hair and add shine. I have reviewed Macadamia products countless times on the blog and have never had a bad word to say. If I have a problem with my dry hair, they are my go-to brand.

Next on my list is this gorgeous Chanel blusher from their new autumn and winter range. The Joues Contraste powder blush in number 15 orchid rose is a fabulous product for adding subtle colour to the cheeks on a cold, harsh day and gives an over all refreshing appearance. This goes perfectly with the colours of the Naked Three palette, that when all is applied will give you a beautiful autumn natural look.

When it's cold outside, the first part of your face to really show signs of dryness tends to be the lips. Carrying around a good lip product like this Avene cold cream lip balm from Sknclinics* is a must. This lip balm promises to nourish, hydrate and protect the lips from 'external aggressions' such as bad weather and can be applied as often as required throughout the day.

Finally, a product I could not live without is this Dermalogica super rich repair cream. This Dermalogica moisturiser feels like a gift from heaven. Although it is listed as a 'heavy weight' skin cream, I find that this moisturiser absorbs quickly and effortlessly into the skin and feels as soft and as a light as feather. The Super Rich Repair cream suits those with chronically dry, dehydrated skin and helps replenish moisture levels whilst improving elasticity and tone. I use this everyday without fail and my skin feels better and looks so much better. In this cold weather, I wouldn't be seen without it.

Have you tried any of these products?


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  1. Love all these suggestions! I've always wanted to try the Macadamia Deep Repair mask, especially now that it's winter and the air makes my hair drier.

    With Love,


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