Are Brooches back in style?

A few years ago I went to Liverpool Fashion Week (link) and got talking to a wonderful PR lady. She looked immaculate - lovely pink blouse, beautiful hair and gorgeous shoes. She had impeccable style. When it came to having our photos taken though, all eyes were on a brooch she was wearing. Everyone was falling head over heels for this little birdie brooch she had stuck to her lapel. It was probably the first time that I ever considered a brooch to be rather trendy on a young person. Excuse my naivety back then, but I thought brooches were more fashionable for mature women. After all, my grandma had many of them, but I could have never imagined wearing one myself. But after that night, my opinion had been completely changed. I went through a phase of buying quite a few for myself, hoping that I looked just as 'quirky' and 'cool' as the lady I met. After a few months my obsession died down and my brooches made their way to the bottom of my jewellery cabinet. 

Fast forward a few years and brooches seem to be making a come back again. I have passed people in the streets that are wearing them and I've come across quite a few being sold on the high street and online. When I was approached by the company Museum Selection regarding a brooch review, I knew it was time to begin wearing them again and write an 'ode to brooches' on my blog. Brooches are truly wonderful little items that can add a little bit of 'bling' to any dull, boring outfit. They come in a variety of designs from classic diamonte styles to this Dachshund design sold by Museum Selection. I love this little brooch because it represents my partner and I and our obsession with dachshunds. We both want pet 'sausage dogs' in the future. This charming brooch is made from sterling silver and is very reminiscent of the whimsical designs of the 1920s - perfect for going for a vintage style.

Do you like Brooches?


  1. That's one of the cutest brooches I've seen in a while!

  2. Hm, good question. I'm not sure what my opinion is on brooches. I find it interesting that with all aspects of fashion, trends tend to go full circle, so it doesn't surprise me if brooches are coming back in again. Does a corsage count as a brooch? I think a brooch would look lost on me as I like to wear huge chunky pieces. I will keep my eyes peeled for people wearing more brooches!

  3. Aww wow what a cute brooch! I like them, I think they can add a little something extra to a nice coat or scarf :D


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