Liverpool Fashion Week Closing Night

Liverpool Fashion
Last night saw the end to Liverpool Fashion Week - a night full of acrobatics, local and national fashion and lots of Liverpudlian sparkle. The wonderful Nicola from Swoon PR invited me to attend and it was an offer I couldn't turn down.

The event was hosted at The Hilton One, right in the centre of the city. I have only visited Liverpool for an hour in the past and I was overwhelmed by the amount of Beatles memorabilia and beautiful architecture in the surrounding area. 

Amanda Swoon PR
We began the evening chatting and admiring the stalls on the second floor of the hotel. Immediately upon entering the event, Shoe Dazzled was the first stall to grab my attention. Catering for adults and children, Shoe Dazzled specialise in adding 'the bling' to your footwear or accessories. Under the hotel lighting, the shoes really grabbed my attention and had me thinking of all the items I could re-vamp.

Shoe Dazzled

The event started one hour late, which caused a lot of problems with my transportation and unfortunately, I couldn't see the whole show. However, the whole night really blew me away and I was surprised to see so many immaculately dressed attendees. One woman in particular, was wearing a floor length sparkling dress with her brunette hair tided neatly in a bun. She had so many people admiring her style and I couldn't help peering from a distance.

The show eventually started with a rap artist followed by two extremely talented acrobatics. Suspended at least seven foot in the air, they twirled around fabric and hoops unfazed by the audience and performing like world-class entertainment. Abbey Clancy - well known model and footballers wife was also seen amongst the crowd applauding the artists.

The first fashion show of the evening was probably my favourite. There's nothing cuter than an array of beautiful looking children doing a catwalk to songs by The Beatles. They were the true stars of the evening, walking like mini-professionals and displaying some of the sweetest looking children's clothing from Chateau De Sable.

The next brand to wow the audience was the Rule 1 boutique. There was lots of sparkle, bold colours and dresses perfect for the upcoming Christmas season. The clothing line was a mixture of bright bold colours, baroque inspired little black dresses and a big dose of peplum, glitter and long flowing maxis.

Illuminati Jeans was the next to grab the audiences attention and unfortunately one of their models was slightly handicapped. Walking on stage, she seemed to be really enjoying the show and obtained lots of support from the crowd. From her sparkling crutches to her crisp white tee, she looked absolutely flawless and proved to everyone that nothing can stop you modelling.

The final catwalk show I managed to see was by Mango. There was lots of monochromatic styles, chic black dresses and tailored blazers, giving a masculine edge to their recent clothing line.

My favourite outfit of the evening had to be this beautiful side cut velvet skirt and blouse from Mango. The outfit looked sophisticated, yet not too complicated mixed with a hint of warmth deriving from the velvet texturing. This outfit is my 2012 winter muse.

I had a wonderful evening and met so many friendly people, especially Nicola and Heather from Hopefully we will have a chance to meet again soon. 

 What do you think of Liverpool Fashion Week? Did you attend?



  1. What an exciting event! That is so wonderful that you were able to attend!

  2. it was a great pleasure meeting you, hope to see you again soon x

  3. Great event! Toronto Fashion Week starts tomorrow, and I can hardly wait. I want to go to one of the shows on Tuesday, Canadian designer Alexander Wu, and I will be able to watch the rest of the shows live on Youtube. :)

    Have a great week ahead!

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