Choosing Your Wedding Perfume

Finding the right perfume to suit your personality can be a nightmare on most days, never mind your wedding day. With more perfumes on the market, it is getting harder to find 'the one' - we have more choice than we've ever had and these days, there are far too many perfumes that simply smell so good. 

On your wedding day it is important to find a scent that matches your personality and lasts the whole day through. I have certain fragrances that remind me of special occasions and I always buy a new scent when I have a special occasion on the horizon so that scent will remind me of that day in years to come. The Eau De Perfume Original Jimmy Choo reminds me so much of my friends wedding and I wore Roberto Cavalli the day I got engaged. The Michael Kors perfumes always remind me of University and Elie Saab reminds me of Christmas. I found it really tempting to wear one of my old favourites on my wedding day, but I want a scent that was brand new and that would remind my partner of only our wedding day.  Therefore I headed to my local House of Fraser and purchased of one the most iconic wedding perfumes there is.

If you're looking for something classic with a fresh musky scent, yet hidden floral tones Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is the perfect choice. Chanel perfumes are concentrated meaning and long lasting, compared to other less expensive brands that are slightly diluted. This means that you're applying pure perfume that will linger on skin and although Chanel perfume isn't cheap, you will spend less time reapplying it, meaning it is a lot more value for money in the long run. Every girl deserves a little bit of luxury on their wedding day and Chanel is definitely the way forward.

Have you tried any Chanel perfumes? 



  1. This scent sounds lovely! I need to try this :) Thanks for sharing! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  2. Great choice Jess. I loved shopping for my wedding perfume and it brings back such amazing memories!


  3. I have the Coco Noir and looooove it!
    I would like more Chanel in my life :')

  4. That's a beautiful choice for your wedding day and it will be so lovely to bring back memories every time you wear the scent! Alice xx


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