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Pearl Necklace, Mac Ruby Woo, New Look Heels, Dress
Graduation is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life and mine is four days away and I still haven't organised my outfit. Usually I plan my outfits for special days weeks in advance, but with a new job and a wedding to plan everything has been put on hold. When I mention my graduation, the first thing anyone asks is: 'what are you going to wear?' Sometimes it feels like my entire degree classification will be defined by a single outfit that I wear on graduation day rather than the amount of work I have done in the past three years. As much as I want to look my best and feel sophisticated whilst holding my degree, as long as I get that piece of paper and potentially shake Patrick Stewart's hand (yep, he's handing out our degrees) I could be wearing jeans and t-shirt for as long as I care...well, something a little more classy than that, but you get the point.

During the last few days I have been spending the majority of my lunch breaks hibernating at my desk and trawling the internet for graduation inspiration and finding nothing. At graduation it is important to find an outfit that truly reflects you as a person and as a fully grown adult transitioning into what is nicknamed 'the real world'. But how can you define yourself by a single item of clothing? I keep coming to a cross road where one way points to a skater dress and the other points to a bandeau, another way points to colour and another part of my mind is telling me to go black.

In the end I decided to do a little collage of my perfect graduation outfit - think Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's and you're almost there. I want something that says classy and sophisticated, but doesn't think too much of herself. I want something plain that will go with my robes, but I don't want to look dull and boring. During my virtual shopping trip I chose this black bandeau dress, simple yet elegant teamed up with a beautiful pearl necklace to add a little bit of glamour to the outfit. Although my tutor keeps warning me not to wear 'silly shoes' I will probably be wearing heels as I feel the most confident wearing them and to finish off the outfit I will be wearing my trusted MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. 

So that's my plan, all I have to do is go shopping this weekend...although that is easier said than done. The most important part of graduation is not about the dress (even though it does make you feel special) it's about having fun on the last day you'll see your course mates, enjoying a catch up with your tutors and receiving the most important document you'll ever receive in your life...besides a marriage license. As long as I have my friends and family around me, it will be a perfect day.

Have you graduated before?


  1. Graduation is a seriously huge accomplishment. I usually find that when something big happens, I can't figure out the right thing to wear. I hope that you find the perfect outfit - and have an amazing day.

  2. I feel like we were fairly lucky at St Andrews in that we had quite a strict dress code for graduation. White top, black skirt, black shoes. It made finding a grad outfit much easier! I went for not-too-high heels for mine too because I was terrified of falling over on stage!! :) Congrats on graduating, it's the best feeling in the world. I still can't believe I did it, and mine was over a year ago now. Got round two in November and I think the dress code is more flexible so I'll be looking for inspiration too! :) X

  3. There is no one classier than Audrey and you would look amazing in that. However more importantly congratulations on coming to the end of you degree you've done amazing. Treasure every second of the day and be proud of yourself! It's one of my favourites days i've had x

  4. Loved this! I'm graduating this September and on the hunt for the perfect outfit.


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