Graduation Day - Class of 2014

Today was the perfect ending to my final year of university and I can now shout it from the rooftops that I have graduated at the University of Huddersfield with a first class honours degree in Journalism. My journey through university has not been straight forward and there was many hurdles along the way, but I came and I conquered. I tried to continuous challenge and better myself through the last three years and the perseverance finally paid off. 

I  have never thought of myself as 'academic' and I have always been one of those that has struggled with essay writing and assignments, but the University of Huddersfield lecturers and staff helped me achieve my potential and help pave the career path I always wanted. I have been so lucky to have made incredible friends and have attended such an amazing university with highly supportive tutors and incredible credentials. I cherish my memories at the University of Huddersfield and I will never forget the tutors that helped me achieve my potential.

Last but not least, I will remember all the friends I have made where each and every one of them has had such an impact on my life. I have been lucky to have the most wonderful and talented course friends, all of which I can see going far in the future. My best friend Abi (also known as the 'wifey') is standing with me in the above image and if it wasn't for university, I would not have had the pleasure of meeting her. Abi and I are such good friends and I cannot imagine my life without her. She graduated today with a degree in Drama and I know she's destined to be the next star.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, as this blog post shows I have had a lot of exciting things going on recently. I will be back posting normally this week. I have so many new products to show you and more importantly, it will be the five week countdown to the next important event in my life, the wedding. Watch this space.

Have you been to university?



  1. You and the bestie look so happy too xxx

  2. Yay! Congratulations. I loved graduation... I can't wait for my next one :) Your dress looks lovely x

  3. Congratulations! It's well worth the hard work :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  4. Congratulations! That is so exciting! You look absolutely beautiful :)

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