Payday Wishlist

We haven't even reached half way point in the month yet and I'm dreaming of payday. This month will be first full time wage I have ever received and although I need to sensible because I have a wedding to organise and a car to save up for, I can't stop dreaming of clothes, clothes and more clothes - with bags and accessorises to top them off. Every time I walk into a clothes store I feel like a kid in a candy shop, I just want everything. Spring and Summer are both my favourite seasons as they involve a lot of bright, bold colours and floral patterns. These months give me a chance to unleash my inner hippie and wear so much more dresses than winter. I'm not really a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, I prefer shapely dresses and stilettos. 

After much debating,  I have managed to narrow down my June payday wish list and although it may seem pricey, I think I'm being rather good to say I'll be getting a really nice cash injection at the end of the month.

                                                              Hair cut and colour

My hair is looking a bit dull at the moment and my roots are beginning to show. A trip is needed to my favourite salon in Huddersfield, Studio 18 to make me looking sparkling new.

                                                     A Michael Kors Selma Satchel

So many people have Michael Kors handbags these days that they aren't considered as much as a luxury as they were in the past. However, I'm a massive fan of Michael Kors fan - I've got an MK watch and MK shoes, I clearly could do with a handbag to complete the set.

                                                         Bijoux Bazaar Boson Ring
I've always been in love with YSL arty cocktail rings, but I've never got round to buying them and when I've felt like buying one I haven't had the money. So many sites these days are making look-a-likes of big brand items and this Bijoux Bazaar ring looks almost like a replica of YSL. The Boston ring from Bijoux Bazaar is at a much more affordable price of £8.

Topshop Vintage Bloom Dress
As mentioned previously, I am a massive fan of florals. Most of my wardrobe is made up of floral dresses. The dress featured in the above image is the Vintage Bloom Bodycon dress from Topshop. I love the bursts of purple and orange flowers and the hourglass silhouette of this dress. It would be great to wear in any type of weather. Dressed up with a pair of black tights and a blazer or worn with bare legs and scandals in the sun.

Is there anything that you are currently saving up for?


  1. Fab wishlist, I LOVE this bag in navy! So classy xx

  2. I can't stop thinking about my payday too! lolz...
    Love the dress & the ring! It's gorgeous!

  3. I need new hair cut too! Do you have any salons recommended in Manchester? x

  4. The dress! I can see you in that Jess - get it!!!!


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  5. Making me lust over these items :P

    And invest in the Selma bag! I love love love mine!

    Love Lucinda xx

  6. Lovely wish list :) Makes me wanna shop now!!!

  7. I absolutely adore the bag - my husband would kill me if I buy another bag though lol. He is pretty sure 4 is quite enough lol. Silly hea

  8. Loving the dress.. I need a MK bag in my life too!!

    Nicola xx

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