The 'Forever Miss Vanity' Cocktail

Recently I have had a little bit of an obsession with making my own cocktails and I thought I'd dedicate a blog post to one of my current favourites. Whilst working in a bar, I never really got the chance to make cocktails as I wasn't there long enough for the training, but it has always been something that I have wanted to have a go at. I love going into my local Revolution and watching the bartenders make their latest concoctions and the Alchemist is my all time favourite bar for out of this world cocktails. I know I will never be at that level, but I've managed to make my own drink that seems rather nice.

After spending years of disliking Southern comfort (link*), a few weeks ago I suddenly had the urge to try it again. A bar in my local town had just reopened and started selling a cocktail known as the 'Southern Peach'. The Southern Peach is a mixture of cranberry juice, peach schnapps and Southern Comfort and for some reason I decided to buy it. It was from then on that I rekindled my love with the whiskey liqueur and decided that it was one of my new favourite alcoholic drinks. 

At the weekend I went to my parent in laws house to celebrate the 30th birthday of my future sister in law and I wasn't feeling my usual Amaretto and coke. Instead I decided to take a bottle of cheap Amaretto, a few different types of fruit juices and my trusted bottle of Southern Comfort. 

At the beginning of the party my partner and I challenged ourselves to make the best cocktail and I may be a little bit biased, but I have fallen in love with mine. The self named 'Forever Miss Vanity' cocktail is a mix of 1 part cranberry juice, 1 part orange juice and one part apple juice with a single measure of amaretto and southern comfort. I'm not entirely sure whether there is an actual name for this cocktail as I have researched it quite a bit, but for now I'm claiming the drink as my own. The cocktail incorporates all my favourite fruit juice and two of my favourite liqueurs. This drink is perfect for a beginning of the week tipple, a weekend party or a night in with the friends. Drinking in moderation is always advised.

What are your favourite cocktails?

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  1. This looks so yummyy! I'm a sucker for sex on the beach.. the cocktail of course ;)


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