Dotty L'Amour Bra

Trying to find the right bra can sometimes feel like stepping across a minefield -it can be very hit and miss. A bra that feels good around the chest, might feel not right in the cup department and vice-versa. I've always struggled when it comes to my bra size. I have had the experience of having both larger and smaller breasts. When I was at my biggest a 38F my friends would route around in my wardrobe and come downstairs wearing my bra as a hat. They found the size of my 'melons' hilarious. When I lost weight my bra size dropped to a rather demure 34B and I've been happier ever since.

I have since discovered that it doesn't matter what size my breasts are, finding bras can be difficult. I used to blame my previous problems due to them being large and now I have no excuse. I just find the majority of high street bras to be ill fitted and none flattering. My favourite bras that I own come from New Look and Tesco - both of which are not solely focused on bras and my least favourite underwear recently has been from what should be considered as 'the professionals' La Senza and Ann Summers. I'm not saying these companies are bad - I have underwear from there that I do love, but recently I've found my bras to be rather uncomfortable and unsupportive despite being the right fit. A few months ago one of the bra measurers told me that I was a 34DD and even I knew that wasn't the case. If it was true, I'd be dancing around to Katy Perry and flaunting my assets. 

I almost gave up on the search for a perfect bra, believing that none existed. That was until a few weeks ago when I was introduced to the luxury lingerie brand Damaris (link*). Damaris stock the most beautiful underwear I have ever seen and many of collections are named after types of confectionary which evokes a sense of femininity and sweetness. This bra is from the Dotty L'Amour range (link) which according to the website is 'a chic twist on a classic white lace set.' The bra is flattering, elegant and features pretty embossed polka dots with a pink undercarriage. The Dotty L'Amour bra by far is the comfiest bar I have ever owned. The bra features a soft stretchy chest band and wide bra hooks for support. I found this bra to be 'true to size' and fitted perfectly over 34Bs with no extra room in the cup and not feeling too tight. 

If there was one downside to this bra, it would have to be price. Selling at almost £60 per bra, it's not like you can go a major underwear shopping spree (unless you have lots of money), but they say sometimes that if you are looking for quality, it is worth investing some money into an item. Some people under estimate the importance of great underwear and do not realise that they are the foundations of a great outfit. The lingerie you wear can define your body shape, can enhance your curves and conceal your problem areas - ultimately they are like a quick fix plastic surgery without the knives.

Where did you buy your favourite bra?



  1. That's such a cute bra, if I had a spare £60 lying around one of my own would end up in my own underwear drawer!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  2. Ahhh don't even get me started on bras. I was a 30F put on some weight sat at a 32FF then went up to a 36HH whilst pregnant although it was too tight towards the end I refused to buy a bigger size. Now loosing baby weight they are constantly changing size. I give up. Very cute bra definitely worth the money x

  3. That's so pretty! I recently got a Damaris bra too and they're such amazing quality.


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