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I've always felt self conscious about my hair. I'm one of these people that wake up in a morning and it takes them hours to get their hair right - the majority of the time I just give up and hope it looks reasonable. My thick wavy hair has a tendency to stick out at awkward angles first thing in the morning and although sometimes I can wake up and have the nicest little curls, it usually ends up a frizzy mess by lunchtime.

Until I started my hairdressing course over 7 years ago, I did pretty much nothing with my hair. Growing up I was boring - barely got it cut and settled for having it long and marginally straight. My hair used to knot up so easily and it was incredibly difficult to tame - I had no patience. I felt like hiding my head under a bonnet, then another issue arose - hats don't really suit me. When I was sixteen, something clicked. For the first time in my life I felt style conscious.I enrolled on a hairdressing course at my local college and my life quickly changed. Suddenly I was dipping my head in all the colours of the rainbow, at one point I had jet black hair with a full head of bright pink highlights. My next move was to cut my luscious long hair into a bob. Needlessly to say that was my biggest hair disaster to date. I will never suit short hair. It made my face look round and being a little bit more of a tomboy back then, many people thought I looked masculine.

My life then changed dramatically when one day a friend brought into some hair extensions for one of her clients. It was something I had read about, seen in the media, but never tried myself. I always assumed that they would be difficult to apply and a pain in the rear end. My friend at the time then convinced me to go hair extension shopping with her and the rest is history. I loved and still love, the ease of clipping in hair extensions and the difference they can make to your entire look. I will never try glue ins as I have seen far too many hair disasters working in a salon, but clip ins and 3/4 wigs are like my best friends. Always there for when I need a pick me up in the hair department.

A few months ago I decided to blend in with the crowd and make my hair ombre. It was probably one of the best decisions I made as my hair looks much more vibrant and adds warmth to my face. Changing my hair colour meant that my previous hair extensions are now a no-go and the for the last few weeks I've had to painfully live without. I've always thought that buying hair extensions to match ombre hair would be rather difficult, but I decided to take the plunge by the selecting some I&K Auburn clip ins (link*) from Hairtrade.

These hair extensions blend in so well with my hair colour and clip in like a dream. They are soft, easy to style and look and feel fantastic. Admittedly I'm not into wearing hair extensions on a daily basis anymore - that was just a phase, but for girly nights out these are essential. My fine, dull hair can be transformed into long vibrant tresses and my confidence is given a nudge in the right direction.

Do you wear hair extensions?



  1. I always want to try them but I'm worried they'll damaging my hair!
    Still, I might take the plunge!

    Love Lucinda xx

  2. You look fabulous, like the pictures and your story

  3. Wow you look so stylish and the color is also is very good.

  4. Hey there, thanks for sharing this nice post. You're looking beautiful on those images. Just like you I also use hair wigs. And I know the every morning burden you've been going through to take care of your hair the right way. I also spend hours every morning to setup my hair wigs perfectly.


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