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If you read my post a few days ago, some of you will have noticed that I have been spending a lot of time job searching lately. This week alone I have had two rather complex interviews and I had applied for over 12 jobs. The good news is - as of yesterday, I now have my first ever full time job and it is in the industry that I have longed to be in for as long as I can remember. The communications industry has always appealed to me. I love meeting new people, writing and being able to make my clients happy. As an ambitious person, I thrive off a fast pacing atmosphere and something that challenges me daily. I love that feeling when it turns 5pm and you feel like you have accomplished everything on your checklist and even better when you know the day has been a success for a client or for my own personal development.

I will be starting my job working in PR possibly as soon as next week and I am so excited. I can't believe that I finished university just under two weeks ago and I have already managed to obtain a graduate job. All my nights of panicking as to whether my degree was worth the hassle has well and truly paid off. I have had the most difficult year with illness and bereavement, but I carried on and it was so worth it.

It is obligatory that I will be buying a complete new wardrobe for my new job role. My wardrobe at the moment is still in 'student mode' and needs a de-clutter to enable me to transition to 'adult work life' without looking too young and inappropriate at work. Although I had a de-clutter in April for National De-clutter Week,  I have managed to accumulate far too many clothing in such a short space of time. Although these clothes suited my past 'student' look, they are not really the 'look' I'm going for in the workplace. I cannot wait to hit the shops.

At the moment my head is full of outfit ideas and I know exactly what I would like to wear. Formal, classy but touches of bold colour. I want to be like the women I regularly stare down on the streets wearing the most wonderful stiletto heels and cigarette pants on the way to what I can only assume is a really sophisticated job (come on girls, we have all had those days).  In a few weeks time, I will definitely be buying my dream Michael Kors to accompany me on my professional journey and of course, heaps of new stationary. I want pretty diaries (as I love everything organised), notebooks and pretty pens. This is my chance to shine in a career that I have already grown so much to love and my career has barely even started.

The above image is an example of the type of outfit I would like to wear which consists of a beautiful crisp white shirt, tailored patterned trousers and a pair of bold, striking heels. To jazz up the outfit, I will definitely be investing in a few statement, but not too over the top necklaces. The blouse and pants in this outfit are from H&M (link) which I think is amazing for affordable, easy to wear workwear and it goes without saying that my heels are going to be from Kurt Geiger (link). If you read my blog regularly, you will know how much of a KG fanatic I am.

Have you received any amazing news lately?


  1. I love everything about your outfit choice, beautiful!

    Congratulations on your new job, so pleased for you, hope the next year is full of excitment and happiness for you!

  2. First of a
    L many congratulations for graduationg and getting your 1st job. Well done. The outfit looks sleek and will look great. Maybe you could add a smart blazer to it if its chilly.

  3. omg! Congrats lovely!! Thats amazing, well done. I think I'd like to work in PR, but we shall see where life takes me!
    I'm starting an office job in July and I'm constantly looking for work wear. have a 'work wear' section, its all so so nice! Defo going to have a little shop.
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  4. Lovely outfit choice, I adore the trousers! And well done, that's amazing! I hope one day I'll be in the same situation as you when I finish University as I'm interested in advertising and pr too :) your hard work definitely paid off, so well done again! :D xx

    Frankie x

  5. Those shoes are just beautiful! definitely need to get a pair xx

  6. Congrats on your job!! The trousers are lovely :)

    Jess xo

  7. Congratulations! Sometimes I wonder how much school will pay off, but it clearly did for you! :) And the outfit is perfect, love love love the necklace!

  8. Fantastic professional outfit and congrats again on the job!


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