Feeling Yellow

The last few days have been intense. When you leave university, you automatically think of freedom and spare time. It doesn't dawn on you that if you are wanting a career, the majority of your free time will be spent applying for jobs or attending job interviews. I am currently applying for any PR role that I can find and luckily, I have been quite successful at getting interviews. However, these interviews often need a lot of creativity and involve copious tasks as well as a sit down chat. I am not complaining, I will do whatever it takes to gain a foot into my preferred industry, but it has been rather challenging and mentally draining the last few days. Especially when you think that the effort might not have been worth it. I am lucky that I am remaining positive and the only thing that matters is that I have tried my hardest. Whatever the outcome of the recent interviews, I know I will get there eventually even if I have to take the long road.

Anyway, I managed to get some free time to relax in the garden over the weekend and bask in the beautiful English weather ( that isn't a statement I say often). I wore my new favourite yellow lace trim crop top from my favourite Huddersfield store Pink Cadillac and played around with new funky sunglasses from Boohoo. I thought I'd share the pictures with you today and give you a little bit of summer inspiration. I'm loving the colours shown in these images and the flowers are growing nicely in the background.

Have you been doing much lately?

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  1. Good luck with the job search, it's a pain in the arse but hopefully you'll find one soon :)


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