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When I started dating my partner I always knew he would be 'the one'. We had been friends a considerable number of years and we have always had a connection. Our love for the same music, having similar hobbies and the same ambitions in life made us a match made in heaven. Since the moment we got together, we have been inseparable. Me and James knew each other for 7 years prior to dating and dated for a mere 7 months before he proposed. It was a whirlwind romance that still is still thriving and making us both happy. When he proposed to me in a posh suite of a London hotel, neither of us knew what we were getting ourselves into. The thought of a wedding thrilled us and we were joyous about the prospect of spending our lives together, however neither of us envisioned the amount of effort it takes planning a wedding. We have less than 5 months until the big day and both of us have sweaty palms and an air of confusion about what we have left to do. Organisation has always been my strong point, but I've never had to organise anything so big. My partner on the other hand has a tendency to panic every time he needs to arrange something. Although both of us are madly excited about the wedding and cannot wait until the big day, there have been times where we wished we booked a trip abroad and got married on the beach with only us two there. 

To help me plan my #stressfreewedding StressFreePrint* have gifted me a few items to help with wedding planning correlating with their current #stressfreewedding campaign. These items included a beautiful little wedding notes booklet, a copy of Bridesmaids on dvd to fill me with laughter, a book to made my wedding stress free and a handful of face masks to calm me down after my wedding planning sessions.

I have had many comments in regards to the little notebook I posted on Instagram - it is beautifully handcrafted and fits great in my handbag. The face masks have been a delight after a long day of printing invitations and wedding prep with the bridesmaids. The stress free wedding planning book has really helped me figure out what I want for my wedding and how to achieve it. I find it funny that many of us will spend thousands of pounds and effort over a wedding, which in reality is only one day of our lives. I am lucky that me and my partner have similar beliefs, as long as we get married - it's our future of travelling, having children and leading a healthy, fun married life we would like to invest the most time in. I can't wait for my big day and I know there are stressful times ahead,but with the help of my best friends and this #stressfreewedding kit, I know I'll eventually get there.

Are you planning on getting married?



  1. The little note book is so cute and I love lists for everything, it is good to be so organized. Enjoy the face masks!!

  2. congrats girl! i hope everything works as you wish it does! xx

  3. The notebook is beautiful. Hope everything is going wonderfully for you :)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn


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