Bank Holiday Beauty Saviours

The weather this bank holiday might be looking dull, but there's no reason to dampen down your style. I love dressing up on a bank holiday, enjoying cocktails with my friends and generally making the most of the long weekend. This bank holiday will be tremendously important as it's the last holiday I will be having for awhile because on Tuesday I will be entering full employment. I am a mixture of anxious, yet insanely excited - all of which I have been reassured are natural feelings upon entering your first full time job. My daily makeup routine is due a massive overhaul, not just for the bank holiday season, but for work too. I have decided I need to be more experimental and accentuate what I believe to not too bad natural looking features.

One of my new favourite eye products is by RMK Kaleidoscope eye palette (link*) in shades pink and yellow. The palette looks like a piece of art - two beautiful woven colours which can be separated or combined to make the perfect spring time bright eye look. As a girly girl at heart, I love the pink eye shadow and I love the fact that it is bright, but not too overpowering. It is elegant enough to wear all day and bright enough to stand out on an evening.

My favourite hair product at the moment has to be the Redken Iron Shape 11 (link*). Before receiving this delightful little bottle of heat defence spray, I had never tried Redken products. This little pink bottle has made me want to discover more of their collection. Before using this heat defence spray, my hair used to suffer from a lot of frizz and never went as sleek as I desired. The Redken Iron Shape has transformed my hair in many ways - making it feel vibrant, healthier and sleeker and at £11 for the bottle, you cannot go wrong.

I love eyeliner, to the point I wear winged eyeliner nearly everyday. Finding the perfect eyeliner can often be a struggle and during the last year there has two been two brands I have really trusted - the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner and Collection 2000s 24 hour pen eyeliner. I find the Daniel Sandler waterproof eyeliner a delight to work with as it has a highly intense colour and it is soft enough to blend.Although the Daniel Sandler eyeliner does not work that well for winged 50s style eyeliner which is my go-to eye makeup routine, it works insanely well for those who are looking for a smokey eye effect and with it being waterproof, it is likely to withstand the bank holiday rain.

Finally, with all this dull weather we are currently experiencing most of us are in need of a quick pick-me-up for our skin. Scott Barnes' body bling (link*) is a tinted shimmering moisturising body lotion that gives you a glow-on-the-go and instantly adds a touch of colour to skin with minimal effort. I love how the product glistens in the sun and warms my skin tone easily when I need it the most. Even better, it only costs £7.50 - it's a fabulous buy for under £10.

What is your favourite beauty product at the moment?



  1. Absolutely love this post, I love dressing up on bank holidays and making the most of the time off. Fingers crossed the sun will make an appearance! That RMK eyeshadow palette is absolutely gorgeous, that pink and yellowish gold look lovely together!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  2. I have used Redken products before. I'd forgotten how great they are until reading this. I'd love to try the Body Bling especially at that price! At the moment, my favourite product is 'neutral shimmy' by Julie Hewett.

  3. Gorgeous post and I love the eye shadow combo. I wear a lot of yellow eye shadow. It's so flattering and really brings out iris colours.

  4. Oh the body bling sounds awesome! I love a little shimmer on my legs, I think it definitely pumps them up and helps hide imperfections!
    Kallie - But First, Coffee

  5. The heat defence spray sounds great, mine's about to run out and I could really use a good one! x


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