Moment de Bonheur - Yves Rocher

Perfume is probably one of my favourite items to collect. Many people collect stamps, shells, teddy bears - I collect perfumes and quirky looking perfume bottles. My perfume draw is loaded with over 30 different scents that I can choose on a daily basis and my very own perfume making kit for the days when I feel like experimenting. I love looking through the beautiful bottles and sniffing the varying aromas that bring back joyous memories. I think my perfume obsession is due to my slightly sentimental side and I tend to pick perfumes that go with my current emotions. Take the Roberto Cavalli original - the scent is fresh, sensual and really invigorating and I wore this the night I got engaged. My Jimmy Choo original was worn to one of my close friends weddings which is sweet and reminds me of romance. 

The latest addition to my perfume collection is the Moment de Bonheur (link*) by Yves Rocher. A few months ago I had my first sniff of an Yves Rocher perfume and fell in love with their intense fragrances which are sweet, aromatic and long lasting. Since my introduction to the Yves Rocher brand, I have been wanting to test further products and I was given the opportunity of reviewing the Moment de Bonheur to celebrate the products spring tantalising scent.  Moment de Bonheur is an infusion of Centifolia Rose and sweet apple, with a woody base deriving from Virginia Cedar Essence.  The product reminds me a little bit of the drink apple sours, but with a slight sugary sweet twist. The fragrance is delicate, yet powerful and seems to grab the attention of passers by when I wear it. This perfume is an asset to my perfume collection as its beautiful fruity scent is wearable on any occasion.

Moment de Bonheur can be purchased for £38.00 on the Yves Rocher website (link).



  1. I'm definitely a collector of perfumes as well. This one sounds lovely!

  2. What a lovely smell ;-)

  3. Oh I have been looking forward to try this one. Thank u for sharing with us

    D, x

    following u and looking forward to read more


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