Time4sleep Sleeping Beauty Challenge

This bank holiday weekend seems to have flown by. I feel like it has been literally two minutes since me and my partner went out on Friday evening. They say time flies when you're having fun and this weekend has been full of excitement and adventures. On Friday I spent the day in Leeds with my mum shopping for work clothes and getting excited about starting my new grown up job tomorrow. Saturday was spent in Manchester with my fiance - celebrating the good news by a lovely meal and cocktails and we also took at trip to the Museum of Science and Industry for a bit of fun. Yesterday was spent mainly been lazy around the house and today I've been to the cinema and spent the majority of the afternoon organising my wedding invitations. It has been none-stop, but that is pretty much how I love my life. 

I'm the happiest when I have a busy calendar and have things to do with my time. I love attending events, writing, going to the gym and pretty much being permanently on the go. My friends always admire the way I can drag myself out of the bed in a morning and the amount of things I can cram into my spare time. I love being productive and believe that not much comes from sitting around all day.To enjoy my hectic lifestyle, a good night sleep is imperative. Lack of beauty sleep can turn the nicest of women into crazy characters and I admit I can be very moody if I get awaken at 3am. I was recently asked to participate in the Time4sleep beauty blogger challenge, giving the best beauty tips on how to ensure you get a good night sleep and look your best first thing in the morning.

So what are my favourite morning beauty products? 
  • One of my favourite morning beauty product is the Dr.Organic Aloe Vera eye gel. It wasn't until a few months ago that I actually started using eye gels. During the last year I have become rather anaemic and had such heavy, dark circles under my eyes. Having read a few other blog posts, I took a trip to Boots and purchased a few different kinds. I have been recently gifted this Dr. Organic eye gel, but I have used it in the past and always thought it was such a good product. The cooling cucumber soothes the under eye irritation and helps make your eyes seem more alert. Using this product throughout the day helps revive my eyes when I have been staring on the computer screen and ensures I always look awake.
  • To help awaken my skin, my go-to product is the Wake Up Energiser by Clarins. I honestly could not live without this product. The infusion of red currants, green coffee and white tea extracts stimulate the skin and give you a morning boost. 
  • My Illamasqua Skin Base foundation gives me a natural, dewy look and adds brightness to my dull morning complexion.
  • The Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer is perfect for hiding away the bags under my eyes and smells beautiful with its apricot scent.
  • Finally the Trish McEvoy  eye brightener is the perfect way to enhance the eyes and give them a brighter appearance with a little help from a pencil.
And what are my tips for a good nights sleep?
  • If you are easily distracted by lights wear a sleep mask like the Aroma Home eye mask.
  • Have a lavender scented bath just before bed.
  • If you have a partner, ask for a bed-time massage. I suffer from really achy joints and it always helps me sleep.
  • Replace your mattress every couple of years and always turn your mattress around on a monthly basis. 
  • Create a wind-down time. Go up to bed 30minutes before you actually intend on going to sleep and read a book/ listen to music to help you relax.

I believe with my on the go lifestyle that I have become a pro at perfecting the natural beauty makeup look first thing in the morning and I rarely let my tiredness show. The video I created was mainly supposed to be about tips on how to get a good nights sleep, but my video improvisation quickly took a turn into the top makeup products for a good morning look. Please be gentle - it's my first ever video.


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