Rio Deep Pore Cleanser

So many beauty blogger have raved about electric cleansers and every time I read a review, I have been left wanting to try one for myself. Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Rio Deep Pore Cleanser, an alternative to the current beauty blogger favourite, The Mia Clarisonic. 

According to the Rio website:

The Deep Pore Cleanser uses micro-current technology to cleanse, moisturise and refresh, leaving the skin feeling invigorated, vibrant and deeply cleansed. The ultimate skincare regime features four treatments:
1. Deep Cleanse: dirt and grime are purged from the skin.2. Preparation: the skin is prepped for optimum moisturising.3. Moisturising: enhances hydration of the skin.4. Refresh: pulsed micro-current stimulation to invigorate and refresh.

My first impressions of the Rio Deep Pore Cleanser* were positive. I like the simplistic design and the compact size of the product - it looks like the ideal to fit in your suitcase when you are away and doesn't take up too much room on your dressing table. I found that the product seemed to be sturdy and well-made and I could not wait to see if the product really lived up to expectations with the rest of my testing.

The Rio Deep Pore Cleanser seemed very easy to use - simply attach a wet cotton pad doused in the serum and use the high, low and mode buttons to cater for your treatment desires. Up until this point, I was rather happy with the product and everything seemed in order, but when it came to the actual treatment, I found it a bit of a let down. When I used to the cleanser, I was expecting a higher level of penetration on the skin from the product, but it seemed like although it was set to high, it wasn't really doing anything. I felt like I had to put in just as much work as if I had got a cloth and tried to do my old fashioned cleansing ritual using a simple face cloth and a variety of products.I left it a few days and went back to the product thinking it was simply because I was an electric cleanser virgin and that I had not been doing it right. Yet again I was greeted with the same disappointment. It does clean my face, but it doesn't give me a radiant glow or the feeling of being £150 worth of fresh.  With that said, I do love the brand Rio as I have tried some of their other products, but the Rio Deep Pore Cleanser wasn't really for me, especially at the hefty price tag.

Have you tried the Rio Deep Pore Cleanser before or anything similar?


  1. so sorry to hear that it didn't work out for you :(

  2. I bought it on Christmas,its a wast of money indeed. My luna face washing machine is far better but the price is much cheaper. it needs to refill the batteries which is very inconvenient. When cleansing this machine, the water can actually get into the battery fill part. I don't fell my skin is getting any better as the description of the products. I can feel its vibration but nothing else, the vibration is so slight that I don't think it can actually "clean something out" from my skin. For £100, all I could say is do not buy it, its totally a waste of money.

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