Playing in the Ice-Cream Parlour: Indie Cindy Hats

There are many things I love in life - fashion, beauty, my pet rabbit, playing guitar, blogging and of course my fiance, but I have one strong passion that resonate through all of these and that is my love for anything vintage. Okay, my pet rabbit isn't vintage, but hey, in the 1950s people used to keep a lot of pet rabbits. My makeup is often done in a vintage style - cat flick eyeliner and bright red lip is my go-to style, when I'm feeling down I'll pick up my guitar and play vintage songs, I love wearing vintage clothing and me and my partner were drawn together by our love of The Beatles. There's only one thing left - blogging...well blogging allows me to write about how much I love vintage inspired items and even though my style doesn't always have a 'vintage style' I like to think that I try my hardest to look classically elegant most of the time.

A few days a go I was approached by a local hat designer looking to do a blogger collaboration. Her company is Indie Cindy Hats and she makes the most beautifully handcrafted vintage inspired hats which are cruetly-free, using only wool felt and faux fur. The hats are designed for everyday use and for special occasions and provide a great way to jazz up a dull, boring outfit.

 Instead of doing the usual blogger collaboration in which I am given a product to review and give my opinion on, we decided to meet up a vintage inspired ice-cream parlour and conduct a mini blogger photo shoot of me wearing the hats. The mention of the words ice-cream, milkshake, vintage and hats had me from the off and this morning we made our way to A Month of Sundaes in Marsden, Huddersfield to take a few photographs and eat as much ice-cream as we could.

I had so much fun walking around the ice-cream parlour in my favourite tea dresses and wearing the wonderful hats. I was amazed by the high quality of the products and the beautiful array of colours. Indie Cindy's current collection is all about pastels, channelling this seasons current trend. 

Of course it would have been rude not to sample the ice-cream whilst we were there, but there was so much variety to choose from. I opted for the toffee flavour, but there was so many other intriguing mixes. One flavour that really grabbed my attention was the cake mixture ice-cream, but as summer is fast approaching, I was slightly worried about the calorie content. Cake and ice-cream seems like a delicious, yet lethal to the diet mix.

I had so much fun at the ice-cream parlour today, I only wish I could wear hats like this everyday and eat ice-cream without any care in the world.  Special thanks to Sally for helping with all the imagery for this blog post, you are an absolute star.

Check out Indie Cindy Hat's Twitter Page and Website.

What do you think of the hats?



  1. The hats are so lovely & pretty plus the ice cream looks yummy! Looks like you had a good time (:

    L x

  2. Wow, these hats are so lovely! I wish people still wore hats more regularly - I wouldn't feel so ridiculous in one if everyone was wearing them! Great photos - the ice cream parlour was the ideal setting for vintage-inspired hats!

  3. Hats look lovely! Not something I would wear day-to-day but would be a nice piece to wear on a special occasion! Love your dresses too xx

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  4. those are really cute. and nice idea to do some shots at an ice cream parlor :)


  5. Amazing photos! You look so cute, Jess xx


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