Sunday Style

Isn't it great when the sun comes out and you instantly feel more confident, daring and flirty? I love how everyone seems to be their best dressed when there is a little bit of sun in the sky and we able to flaunt ourselves rather than covering up in heavy scarves and large, unflattering anoraks. During the last few days whilst the sun has been out, I have grabbed some of my favourite summer dresses out of the closet and I have been walking around town feeling the best I have done in a long time. I love summer colours, pretty dresses and the ability to show of my legs - which I believe are my best asset. It is also nice to be able to do your hair and know that it won't be wrecked by wind or rain on the way to work, for once you can arrive looking close to perfection and not feeling the need to rush straight into the toilets to adjust yourself. The walk of winter fashion shame seems to be disappearing with all the nice weather.

Whilst it was sunny outside, I took the opportunity to take some photos of one of my new dresses from Fashion Union, the Jennine Round Neck Printed Shift Dress in Pink*. The dress makes me think of the 1960s and I love the striking colours and pattern. The dress feels really comfortable to wear and fits easily, my only criticism is that it is a little bit too baggy for my liking, I would prefer it to give me a little bit more shape, but nevertheless it is still one of my favourite new dresses.

Have a wonderful stylish Sunday.



  1. this dress is beautiful, look good on you! x

  2. This dress is just fab - you look great. I love when the sun comes ou!

  3. I've never heard of fashion union but this dress is gorgeous so going to google them now! x

  4. Love these photos gorgeous girly!
    Gold Dust

  5. nice dress :))

  6. Lovely dress!


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