Valentines Outfit: Casual yet Classy

Valentines Day is usually full of surprises and its often difficult to know what to wear. Unless you have a set reservation at a restaurant, your partner could be plotting anything and I am probably the worst for dressing for the wrong occasion on a good day. 

This outfit was inspired by the white Henri Lloyd jumper I recently came across. As a child I spent my time split between two different locations - one being Huddersfield the small town in which I grew up in and the other being in the middle of the irish sea - literally. For as long as I have been on this planet and a long time before, my dad has always had a yacht. He loves sailing more than anything in this world and as a child we would spend nearly every weekend galavanting to Wales and spending time sailing around the coastline. In fact, my parents first took me sailing when I was only a few months old. Growing up spending so much time sailing, I was introduced to many of the local yacht clubs. Some of them would be tiny, not really extravagant, but then you would get one of two that easily made you feel out of place. You would see these women with perfectly tousled hair, radiant skin, wearing their nautical inspired jumpers and looking completely flawless despite spending days fighting off sea air and salt. You instantly knew they were of a different kind, I was from a small boat, but they were cruising around in mega yachts. In fact, they probably looked so immaculate because they had their own crew. Over the years I managed to meet a lot of these women and the more I saw their lavish lifestyles, the more I wanted to be like them.

Henri Lloyd are clothing line, known for being one of the original British sailing brands. Despite being quite far from the sea, the brand was created in Manchester and were the first people to use Velcro in clothing as well as manufacture Bri-Nylon one of the first waterproof brands. These days Henri Lloyd clothing is a well known brand amongst celebrities and readily available amongst high street stores. A sentence driven from the website sums the brand up perfectly by stating:" Today Henri Lloyd products contain a unique blend of heritage, modernity and technical excellence, whilst always staying true to the sea."

This Henri Lloyd jumper was chosen for my valentines outfit as it is casual, yet classy and will keep you warm whilst the weather is still rather cold. I've teamed this jumper up with a pair of Topshop denim jeans, a pair of Kurt Geiger Ariana booties, a Mulberry Small Suffolk handbag and I have finished the outfit off with one of my favourite red lipsticks, the YSL Rouge Rock. Volumised hair with loose curls would look great with this outfit or even a beehive style up do.

What would you wear as a casual look this Valentines Day?


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