The Wantable Jewellery Box

First came the beauty boxes and now there's the Wantable boxes. Subscription boxes are taking over the fashion and beauty industry and the newest to arrive in the UK is the Wantable box. Unlike other boxes, the Wantable box allows you to pick one of three options, a beauty box, accessorises box or intimates box to cater for your 'wantable' needs. Being a huge fan of jewellery, I decided to opt for the monthly accessorises box and when it arrived a few days ago, I wasn't left disappointed.

The Wantable* box is probably one of the best subscription boxes I have seen for tailoring the products to suit you. As you pick the box you would like, you are then sent to a questionnaire asking about the products you like and dislike and what you would most likely want to see if your box. The questionnaire is rather in-depth, from asking what scarves, rings and jewellery you like to then asking what style you like from 'classic' to 'grungy'. Wantable did exceptionally well at picking out my items - all of which I would happily wear and use, unlike other subscription boxes on the market that simply give you a handful of products similar to everyone else, regardless of your skin colour and needs.

The first item to make an appearance in my Wantable box was this lovely skull scarf. Until a few months ago, I went through a phase where I hated scarfs, but now I can't stop wearing them. As a self confessed 'rock chick' this scarf definitely suits my personality and feels of a high quality.

The next item is the two cubed cubic zirconia ring. When I first tried this ring on, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it, but I'm now growing to like it. It looks quirky and makes a great statement piece.


These earrings are really classy and would look great on a night out - they also remind me of the Great Gatsby style and I could easily imagine wearing these with a sequin little number.


Finally, I love these flower cluster earrings, they're so pretty. They are the sort of earrings I would happily wear every day of the week and can easily spice up any outfit. The Wantable box is currently $36 from America with a $7 shipping charge and 20% tax on UK orders making the box a total of £30.79 - which may seem a little bit steep, but the quality of items you receive definitely makes it worth it.

Have you tried Wantable before?



  1. I absolutely love the last pair of earrings! they are gorgeous :)

    It's good that you like what they sent you :) I think I'd be a little afraid not knowing what's in the box.

    Xx Andra, from --


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