New Home, New Beginings

So this is 'where the magic happens' - no, not that you dirty minded people, it's where my new blogging journey begins, in the bedroom of my brand new home. On Saturday me and my partner finally moved in together and are now renting a lovely 2 bedroom semi detached house with a massive garden to take wonderful outfit of the day photos. Unfortunately since moving in I have been really poorly and haven't been able to update my blog or Twitter accounts, but now I'm back and happy to share my latest adventure with you all.

A dressing table is probably one of the most important pieces of furniture for a beauty blogger and trust me, it took me quite a while to find one. Eventually I settled with this little beauty from Argos and I have since fallen in love with it. It fits with the feel of the room, stores all little bits and pieces and looks rather elegant.

When we first visited the house, the one thing we fell in love with was the fact that both the bedrooms, which are rather large have giant fitted wardrobes. It meant I did not have to compromise on my clothing and that we had plenty of space to allow my collection to continue - although I'm sure my partner would prefer me to cut down.

It is a fresh new start for me and my partner and a practice run for when we are finally married in September. So far I'm enjoying being a part-time housewife and loving my newfound independence and to make life better, I even passed my driving test today.

Have you done anything interesting lately?


  1. Your dressing table is so cute! Love it, have fun in your new house! Moving in with my boyfriend was on of the best decisions I've made (even if I do all the housework) haha!!

  2. Wow congrats on passing your driving test and moving into your new home! I hope you and your partner enjoy it and the independence! Love the dresser and large wardrobes they look very spacious ;) I also love the macadamia hair spray it leaves your hair super shiny and the smell is not so strong as other hairspray's on the market! x x

  3. congrats on passing your test! it's such a freedom! be safe and enjoy. :)
    as for your home, it looks and sounds lovely. fitted wardrobes are a god send! both our bedrooms have them! :)


  4. Congrates on the new digs!


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