The Gift of Love: Personalised Necklaces

I have always been quite a sentimental person. For example, some people buy Pandora bracelets as they like the brand, but I have bought a Pandora bracelet so I have buy charms that represent a certain change in my life. I still have my teddy bears that my grandma bought me years ago and I have most of the cinema tickets from the films me and my partner went to on our first dates. I love the feeling of nostalgia, I think it is also why I love antiques. 

To fuel my sentimental desires, I like my valentines presents to have a lot of thought put into them - even if it is just a hand written love letter, I would much prefer that to a box of chocolates and it is free.

Jewellery has been one of my favourite collectables. Over the last few years I have accrued quite a collection and one I'm rather proud of. I recently came across the Maria Allen Boutique and fell in love with her jewellery designs. According to the website:" Maria's designs feature intricate vintage illustrations on wood, fusing traditional and modern together. Her jewellery designs stem from her inspirations which include typography, travel and nature." When I came across the personalisation element of this jewellery line, I knew I had to have a piece in my collection.

I opted for the Handwritten Mini Love Letter necklace* which is perfect for Valentines Day and on the love note, I had the date I'm getting married engraved on one side and our future wedding song 'Only You' by the Platters engraved on the other. The necklace is really fine and fragile, but looks exquisite and good quality. The gold is 24K. I also adore the vintage styling of this necklace - doves are my favourite and I'm also having a 1950s style wedding in September and with the dates added on, it really helps channel my weddings vibe. The necklace costs £54 from the Maria Allen Boutique, but I think it's worth the price for something so special and unique in your wardrobe.

Have you shopped at Maria Allen before?



  1. I have a keepsake box for all my nostalgic mementos. Hope you have a wonderful wedding.

  2. This is such a beautiful present! I'm very sentimental too, I keep everything!! xx

  3. I love this necklace, I wasn't familiar with Maria Allen before but her stuff looks fantastic. I too prefer the thoughtful presents...I wish more people would write a handwritten letter. The thought and effort behind it means so much more than money spent on a gift.

  4. What a special necklace :') this would be an amazing Valentines gift to wake up too! I used to get my partner personalised dog tag type necklaces on Valentines or special occasions with our Anniversary engraved and always wanted one for myself :P will be checking the website out so pretty! xxx x

  5. such a beautiful meaning on the necklace :') good luck for the wedding! hope organising it isnt stresseful

  6. I love personalized jewelry too.
    Your necklace is beautiful & so meaningful.

  7. I adore this so so much! Little sentimental things are my favourite and the fact you got 'your song ' and the wedding date is priceless :)


  8. This is adorable, such a great idea! Shame my husband would never think of getting it for me!
    I too use my Pandora bracelet for memories, I have told people they aren't allowed to buy me charms for birthdays, Christmas, etc as I want each charm to represent something important. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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