Be My Valentine F&F

As previously mentioned on the blog, I have a little bit of a soft spot for Valentines Day. I would definitely call myself an old school romantic who loves the idea of holding hands skipping down the streets, serenading each other by guitar and been laid down on a bed of roses. I think I have probably grown up watching far too many romantic films, but I'm lucky my current relationship is quite like that. I have managed to do the inevitable and meet a man who loves to wine and dine me, treat me like a princess and also has a soft spot for cheesy 'lovey dovey' 50s songs like myself.

Having read about my love for Valentines day, F&F recently approached me and asked me to be their Valentine and decided to sent me a little surprise present to their gorgeous Valentines underwear. 

Recently I have been doing a lot of clothes shopping at supermarkets. Brands like F&F, George and M&S seem to have really upped their game lately and I'm impressed with the quality of their clothing. This lingerie set by F&F at Tescos is a delightful colour of pink and perfect for Valentines day. The F&F Duchess Scalloped Edge Plunge bra is not only pretty, but fits really well. The laced edge adds a vintage twist to the lingerie set and the bright pink adds a bit of colour to the bedroom. I have quite an extensive underwear collection with bras from Agent Provocateur to La Senza and none of my bras have fit as well as this little beauty. I really did not expect such high quality from a supermarket brand and it has made me reconsider my underwear purchases.

Not only do I love the bra, I absolutely adore these french knickers that came with the set. They feel comfy, fit perfectly and really give definition to those buttock cheeks. When it comes to knickers, I always struggle finding the perfect pair that fits. Having the 'mothers apron', 'belly hang' or whatever you would like to call it makes finding underwear a nightmare. I'm a size 8, but sometimes my belly makes size 8 underwear feel like they are slipping down and size 10 always feels too big. These knickers are perfectly true to size and probably the best pair I own.

Other items included in my little F&F giftset were some Soap and Glory goodies, chocolate from Hotel Chocolat and the 'Summer 2013' Essie collection - a little bit dated, but nevertheless beautiful.

Soap and Glory are a brand that I have heard so much about, but never really understood the hype. Their products smell beautiful and work rather well, but I have never been their biggest fan. The 'Great Kisser' lip tint is a wonderful apricot colour perfect for the spring time and for donning an au natural look this Valentines Day. However, I find that the texture of this lip product is a little bit too sticky for my liking and I have been rather disappointed. The Glow Lotion is a product I haven't properly tried yet, but so far I'm loving the packaging and thinking this could be rather good.

I only discovered Hotel Chocolat a few months ago when 02 Priority moments had their chocolate giveaway and ever since I have been hooked. I have lead a sheltered life where I thought chocolate could not get better than Lindor or Thorntons, but I have been wrong. Hotel Chocolat is deliciously smooth, melt in your mouth chocolate and the perfect Valentines day gift.

Are you looking forward to Valentines day?


  1. Lucky duck! What a lovely little package they sent you. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

    Dejhana | Waite a Little

  2. oh my goodness! I am so jealous! That all looks amazing- and I have always wanted to try the soap and glory products- are they any good? :)

  3. Such cute things! Love the bra and underwear set :)
    I am a hopeless romantic I love Valentines Day even though I am single right now :)
    Madeleine | Madeleine in Wonderland

  4. You lucky begger, what a great gift!!


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