Valentines Gift Guide: Part 1

You can ask all my friends and they will agree, I've always been the mushy romantic one. In year 3 at school, I started scrawling love letters with crayons to the boy sat next to me, during my earlier teenage years I'd be the one secretly listening to love songs and on my cassette player and I was always told I would be the one to settle down first at high school, which in fact turned out right. Unlike quite a few of the people I know that cringe at the thought of getting married, it's something I have longed for. I may only be 22 year old, but luckily for me I have found my soul mate.

When it comes to Valentines day, I love giving and receiving thoughtful gifts. During the first year of mine and my partners relationship, he bought me a stuffed toy designed by himself and created by his friend. I'm lucky that I have a partner that can be quite mushy at times - although like most men, he's happy acting the tough guy in front of his friends.

This mug was recommended to me by a PR friend on Twitter and as soon as I saw it, I knew that it embodied all the cheesy, romantic connotations that I love on Valentines Day and it was something that I really wanted to get for my partner. After all, moving house for the first time we do need some mugs.

This mug is from* and can be personalised with your partners name and a photo. I choose one of my favourite pics of me and my man from our first holiday abroad in Ibiza. Admittedly this mug is a little bit pink and I will probably be the one using it - I don't think my partner wants to lose man points, but over all I love the idea of this mug and the personal element to it. It is something that can be put to one side and treasured forever rather than a box of chocolates that can be consumed in one whole night and the cup is a fabulous talking piece for the kitchen. 

Do you like personalised Valentines Day items?



  1. such a cute idea for couples or even friends!

  2. Awwww, that mug is so cute!

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  3. this is gorgeous! I'm a nuisance for buying Spencer pretty, romantic mugs which are actually for me! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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