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Recently I have had a little bit of an obsession with more natural looking makeup and soft smokey eyes. Usually my makeup is rather dramatic and consists of cat flick eyeliner and bright coloured lips, but I think when the weather is quite cold and chilly, natural looking makeup is usually the way forward. I like the feeling my friends come up to me and say 'you're looking pretty today' knowing that I'm not caked in makeup. It gives my skin time to refresh and people have the opportunity to see the real me - whether that is a good thing or not. Today's quick little post as I take a break from university work is a few of my new favourite products to give you a more natural look. 

It surprises me on a regular basis how many people say 'I've never heard of Beauty UK' before when they have read my past reviews. Beauty UK is a brand stocked in Superdrug that sells amazingly affordable quality makeup. The one thing I go particularly to Beauty UK for is their eyeshadow palettes. The colours are easily blend able, highly pigmented and in all honesty, rival some of my premium eyeshadows. The 'Earth Child*' palette has deep, chocolate brown colours for those looking for a smokey eye or bronzed chestnut colours for those wanting to go with an earthy, natural vibe. The Earth Child palette retails at £3.99, making it easy to collect many of the Beauty UK palettes for less than Urban Decays Naked 3.

The second two products that I have fallen in love with lately are by Miners Cosmetics. I get quite a lot of Miners samples through the door and I often forget to the blog about them. I admit that some of the products I have been sent in the past have lacked 'wow' factor and really haven't lived up to expectations so when I first received these, I slightly dismissed them. Then one day I was going through my makeup draw looking for a good concealer and powder. The only powder and concealer I had left were these two by Miners Cosmetics *and I decided to give them ago. After trying them for the first time that day, I haven't looked back. The Miners Cosmetics Fresh Faced powder and concealer does exactly what the name says and leaves you looking radiantly 'fresh faced'. My skin seemed to shimmer, the powder didn't irritate my face and the concealer helped hide the bags under my eyes with ease. I found the powder a delight to use, either for a top up on my foundation or just on its own for a day I feel like wearing very little products. I have photographed two of the powders up there as I have found that I'm a little bit of a mix between the two - one shade is too light, whilst the other if I used all over would be too dark. I've found that using the lighter one around my whole face, but the darker one on my cheeks works really well. Miners Cosmetics are yet again an affordable, high street brand with products from as little as £2.99 - great for if you're on a budget.

Have you tried Miners or Beauty UK before?

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