My Special Perfume: Roberto Cavalli

Everyone has that one fragrance or scent that reminds them of a special moment - sometimes it can be more than one perfume. The smell of a particular scent to me is like a time capsule, one sniff and it evokes lots of happy memories. As much as I love Jimmy Choo and being hooked on Marni, it's Roberto Cavalli: Roberto Cavalli that is the fragrance that will always remain close to my heart and yesterday I repurchased it just in time for Valentines day with a 20% off 02 Priority moments voucher at The Fragrance Shop.


The self named Roberto Cavalli fragrance was launched in February 2013 and after seeing this advert I knew it would be a fragrance I would like in my collection. The Roberto Cavalli has notes of sweet vanilla, orchid and white flowers, mixed with pink pepper and a sweet tangy orange. The scent is rather alluring and vibrant, it's the type of perfume that you would wear to definitely get noticed.

I first bought this perfume on a weekend trip to London nearly two years ago. I was walking around Harrods and decided to pick it up as a treat. As I went back to the hotel I sprayed an ample amount of my wrist, donned a little pink dress and got ready to go out with my partner. A few minutes later to my shock, my partner proposed to me and henceforth this perfume has been known as my 'engagement' perfume. It is the scent that reminds me of James going down on one knee and getting out my beautiful engagement ring and the perfume that lingered on me through our engagement meal. I bought this for Valentines day to evoke old memories and to remind my partner of our special day.

On a side note, one of my lovely friends Sarah Lou Allen is doing a Skydive for the Sands stillbirth and  neonatal charity, please if you can spare the money sponsor her - it's a fabulous cause and I'm pretty sure she's petrified of heights.

Do you have a special perfume?


  1. This isn't a perfume for the shy, it makes a real statement and it's so wonderful and sophisticated. I'm so glad it has special memories for you :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I adore his dresses, so I was not surprised how much I love this scent. Such a lovely memory for you too with this!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. Aww what a romantic story! It's so lovely to have such nice associations with this scent :)

  4. Aww, that is so great. And it's so true that scents remind us of special times. This one sounds wonderful.

  5. neer smelled this before!but im going to have to next time I'm in the stores :) your blog is a beaut! followed :)

    Stephanie's Look

  6. I echo the comments above with regards to the packaging! Check out the design of the bottle!


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