Cycling Safety

I know what you are thinking - cycling doesn't really fit that well in a fashion and beauty blog, however cycling safety is something I'm rather passionate about. I have been unfortunate to see many cycling accidents on my way to university, I have seen some of my fathers friends hurt - one of which even lost his legs and my great uncle who I never met also lost his life to a motorbiking accident before I was born. I've grown up cycling - I used to go on family holidays with my parents to Wales and cycle up the side of Welsh mountains and on the lovely country cycle routes. 

This info graphic was created by the company Osbornes* and highlights the dangers of cycling and motorcycling as well as highlighting key facts. Like reading the highway code when you are driving, more people need to be educated in cycling and many people do not realise the potential risks of cycling unsafely. The amount of people - usually women commuting to work that get knocked over in London alone is high, never mind all the rest of the country. Just remember, one of those statistics could be a friend or a family member. 



  1. I'm a frequent cyclist and I never knew the stats were so high! will definitely share this page with friends and family x

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  2. I think it's great that you're helping to spread awareness of this! I'm a cyclist too but it is getting rather scary these days with all the stories you hear! Really informative infographic though :) love your blog x


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